Gaia Organics Herbal Tincture – Sleep 30ml


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Gaia Organics has teamed up with a leading herbalist in the Garden Route.  Our “Trilogy of Herbal Tinctures” are biodynamically grown on farms in the Crags area of Plettenberg Bay and its surrounds.

Herbal tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking bark, berries, leaves, or roots in alcohol or vegetable glycerin. This draws out the active ingredients, concentrating them as a liquid.

Made with high-quality Absolute Anhydrous Undenatured Food-Grade Ethanol and Medicine-Grade Distilled Water.  Herbs are either organically grown or sustainably wild-harvested from private farms.

Tinctures are astrologically timed in their making which enhances their efficacy and promotes a more targeted healing.

This remedy contains high potency Passiflora.

Physical level:

Place 20-30 drops on the tongue or in a small amount of water 30 minutes before retiring.

  • Safe in higher doses, non-addicting or dependency-forming. Creates emotional balance, calms the mind, increases compassion and connection to others, soothes anger, irritation, frustration, heightens libido.
  • The metaphysical/energetic/spiritual details:
    Promotes friendship, community, and working with others harmoniously. Opens the way to prosperity, alignment, and mental health. Selfless service and unconditional love. Draws one closer to forgiveness and encourages freedom from feelings of condemnation”

Passiflora is a dazzlingly beautiful plant, popular as a mild sedative and muscle relaxant in both the daytime and nighttime. It has a balanced action in treating insomnia, calming enough to promote sleep yet still allows one to awake refreshed and revitalized.

Studies have shown that Passionflower boosts GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain, which lowers brain activity, which in turn relaxes and induces sleep. For this reason, it’s an excellent remedy for “looping mind”, where one may be experiencing constant obsessive thinking. 


Passiflora incarnata and undenatured food-grade ethanol


Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.

The information above is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition.  Please seek advice from your general practitioner or local doctor if unsure.


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