About Us

In an ever-evolving world where trends and fads come and go, there is something enchanting about a business that has stood the test of time.

As we mark the milestone of 30 years of successful operation, we take immense pride in the journey our business has undertaken. Our natural skin and health products have touched the lives of countless individuals.

Over the years, our business has developed a diverse range of natural skin products, each crafted with unparalleled care and attention. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients manifests in products that rejuvenate, soothe, and enhance overall skin health.

Behind every thriving business, there are dedicated individuals whose passion drives its growth. Our diverse team, each with their unique expertise, has been instrumental in propelling our brand to new heights. From research and development to manufacturing and customer service, their unwavering dedication shines through in every product, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction throughout the years.

By keeping the business small, it has maintained a level of authenticity that is unwavering in the corporate world.  Over the many years, clients become friends, there is a voice on the other end of the line, not a chatbot.

The unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, meticulous attention to quality, and the profound belief in the timeless allure of nature are the secrets behind our longevity.

Gaia Organics is situated at 24 Longships Drive Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.  Claudia Henderson, owner, and producer of the skincare range is available for skin consultations which is a service to the community and therefore at no charge.  Appointments are by prior arrangement 0824670799.

Salon GAIA  071 228 2165

Nicky has been a beauty therapist for over 10 years and is highly skilled and very enthusiastic.  From waxing to facials to massages, Nicky will ensure that your treatment is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

  • Facials using the Gaia Organics product range
    • Green Tea facial: high anti-oxidant and anti-aging facial
    • Kombucha facial: high exfoliation and skin regenerating facial using the unique kombucha mushroom (also known as a scoby or zoological mat rich in proteins)
  • Massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Aromatherapy with pure essential oils
    • Pain relief massage incorporating our lymph drainage to stimulate release of lymph fluid and release pain & tension
  • Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Manicures (Gel polish and Varnish are available)
  • Pedicures

All nail polishes are Beauty Without Cruelty accredited.  GAIA’s mission statement: First,  do no harm to humans, animals & the earth.

To book your preferred treatment, send a What’s App message to Nicky at 071 228 2165 or Claudia at 082 467 0799.

Gift vouchers are available both in-store and online. To purchase, please send an email to salongaia24@gmail.com