Our History

Stuart Thomson was the founder and principal researcher of the Gaia Research Institute in the 1990s along with his wife Lettie Thomson.

Claudia Wantling-Henderson, had been working with her mother, Lettie, and step-father, Stuart since 2001, purchased the business in 2012 upon her parent’s retirement.

Trading as Gaia Organics, they began supplying the first ‘original’ health stores in South Africa, such as Field’s in Kloof St. Cape Town, Health Fayre in Rondebosch, The Good Stuff in Claremont, and Fruits & Roots in Johannesburg, owned initially by Pritam & Har Bajan Khalsa.

Original formulations are still intact, although new products have been added over the years as the company continues to evolve and innovate.

Staff members, Alicia, Shirley, and Cindy have been with Gaia for 18+ years.