Welcome to Gaia Organics

Gaia Organics is a small family owned business.  They have been stalwarts in the industry since 1994 and are accredited with the Beauty without Cruelty organisation. All ingredients are free of animal extracts and are not tested on animals, rendering the range as Vegetarian and Vegan compliant.  Gaia Organic’s health range is focused on Oxygen therapy , the two key products being  magnesium peroxide and hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade.  They were the first company to import organically grown Chinese green tea in it’s whole-leaf and non-blended form rendering the Gaia tea of top quality.

Claudia Wantling, along with her team of 4 consisting of Alan, Nomazizi, Phikiswa & Shirley manufacture, hand dispense, deliver and market the Gaia range to selected health stores across South Africa. Our products are not factory produced or mass distributed but carefully and lovingly hand-crafted.

We welcome the individual Gaia follower as well as selected health shops, beauty salons, nutritional wellness concerns of an authentic nature.

Yours sincerely,
Claudia WantlingDirector
28 Longships Drive, Plettenberg Bay in the heart of the Garden Route, South Africa.
Tel: +27 44 533 1393 | Mobile: +27 82 467 0799 | Email: director@gaiaorganics.co.za