Welcome to Gaia Organics

Our love of the earth, it’s people & animals, inspired a responsible, natural/organic skin & health care collection, grounded in 27 years of formulating and manufacturing. Organic green tea and kelp (seaweed) form the base of our active ingredients, Claudia Henderson is the sole manufacturer of the skincare collection and Gaia is proudly Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed.

You are welcome to visit our premises at 28 Longships Drive Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

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Gaia Organics is a small team of 4 people, which is now 2nd and 3rd generation strong, and began as Gaia Research as far back as the 1980s by Stuart & Lettie Thomson.  They are one of the oldest small businesses still operating in the idyllic town of Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route of South Africa.
Claudia Henderson, along with her team consisting of Phikiswa, Shirley, and her son Jethro, manufacture, hand dispense, deliver and market the Gaia range to selected health stores across South Africa.
Our products are not factory produced or mass distributed but carefully and lovingly hand-crafted.

Welcome to Gaia Organics

Proudly Beauty without Cruelty endorsed, all ingredients are free of animal extracts and are not tested on animals, rendering the range as Vegetarian and Vegan compliant.
We welcome the individual Gaia follower as well as selected health shops, beauty salons, and nutritional wellness concerns.

Yours sincerely,
Claudia Henderson – Director
28 Longships Drive, Plettenberg Bay in the heart of the Garden Route, South Africa.
Tel: +27 44 533 1393 (office) | Email: director@gaiaorganics.co.za