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Gaia Organics is a skin and healthcare collection grounded in 30 years of testing, formulating, and distributing throughout health stores in South Africa, and through the online store nationally and internationally.

Leaders in natural and organic skincare, Gaia Organics was one of the first companies to enter the South African market as far back as the 1980s.

Skin: Gaia Organics’ extensive collection of products is based on the anti-aging properties of organic Green Tea and Seaweed (Kelp), sourced from the cold Atlantic waters along the West Coast of South Africa, both of which are vital ingredients in nucleic proteins and antioxidant properties.

Health: Innovative health treatments incorporating Oxygen therapy found in 35% food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Magnesium Peroxide, form the base of our health product range, along with what is undoubtedly, the finest organically grown and powerful antioxidant whole-leaf green tea, the original leaf still intact and not blended with other forms of tea, and therefore the taste is non-bitter.

The Gaia Organics cosmetic range is Beauty without Cruelty accredited. All ingredients are free of animal extracts and are not tested on animals, rendering the Gaia Organics product range vegetarian and vegan compliant.

Gaia Organics is one of the oldest small businesses operating on the Garden Route, based in the small town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.  The Gaia Organics brand has an intensely loyal following, locally and internationally.

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Claudia Henderson and her team manufacture, hand dispense, deliver, and market the Gaia Organics range to selected health & wellness stores, beauty salons, and individual customers across South Africa. International clients are found in the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Understanding natural versus synthetic products and ingredients means that batches produced might differ in smell and texture from time to time.  Stems and flowers harvested to produce essential oils differ from region to region and certain times of the year the crop might yield a slightly different smell.  It is important to understand the natural and organic concept as well as hand-crafted versus factory produced.

Keep up to date with new product releases and current Gaia happenings by following our social media posts and be sure to visit us locally at 24 Longships Drive, corner Godfrey Street, (entrance in Godfrey Street), Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

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