Why we love what we do! Gaia testimonial Oct 21

Hi Claudia,

I hope you are keeping well. Here is my Gaia Story that I would like to share with you…

I’ve been using Gaia products for just over two years now, but I do wish I could have found these sooner. From the entire gold face care range to shampoo, serums, lotions, and even tea, I only have good things to say and have been slowly converting friends and family to Gaia. It is the only products I feel comfortable using, which is good to my pocket, good for my skin and good to nature.

I stumbled across Gaia after doing months of research online trying new products that best compliment my skin (which seems to have become more pigmented during my mid 30s). I tried various natural brands and although they were better than the store bought options, it still wasn’t enough. Out of desperation I tried very expensive products too, but I just couldn’t see the (not so great) benefits and price tag align in any way. One day I stumbled across Gaia and even though I had given up hope at that point, I figured what do I have to lose? …well all I did was gain from that day forward!

My overall skin texture is so much better (I could see a difference in the first few weeks), and when the hormones act up a dab of Fruit Acid makes an unwelcome bump disappear like magic! I love the chlorophyll masque and steri-oxygenator spray which always makes my skin feel like new. The sunscreen is divine and when I am active outdoors or cycling up a mountain my face doesn’t feel oily, sticky or clogged. The body lotion is amazing too; it was actually the only lotion that made my and hubby’s hands feel soft and moisturised after we spent a December tiling the house, as the cement dried out our skin like you can’t imagine. The shampoo and conditioner is great as it is only necessary to use a small amount of either on my long hair. I love the green tea, and although I know it has great health benefits, I tend to buy it for the taste which I sometimes crave (…which says a lot about green tea).

If I could buy and use every Gaia product I would, but I seem to have found my favourites and I’m sticking to it. Every now and then I’ll feel like trying something new, and it is lovely to see the Gaia brand growing and releasing new products. I regularly order to ensure I don’t run out of essential products, and I must say delivery is always quick. It is also great to be able to browse and order online which is convenient for me.

I do have to thank everyone at Gaia for making these amazing products, and also making it affordable as I feel I benefit more than what I pay. Keep up the excellent work… you are amazing!


Clarise Roos