Gaia archives * 1987 “Rainbow Organic Herbs” early trading days

There is something special about a small family business. Where did we begin? Well my folks ran away from the develpment of Koeberg in the mid 80’s where they found themselves living on a small herb farm on the Garden Route in Rondevlei where Stuart and my mom Lettie began dabbling in herbal creams based on Comfrey and Thyme. Our first product was a toothpowder as Stuart had done extensive research on the dangers of Fluoride in our water systems. My mom made Catnip mice which they sold under the name of Rainbow Organic herbs outside the old Standard Bank in the Woodmill Lane in Knysna.

They then developed a few more products which became popular amongst the crowd of growing supporters which spread to the interest of the (then) authentic health shop owners who, at that time, were promoting ‘alternative’ remedies in a very small but growing awareness of people in the health industry. Along with Stuart’s ongoing research came the advent of cut…ting edge alternatives like Colloidal Silver, 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Oxygen .. this all before the boom in the health and alternate medicine industry that we are now experiencing. Stuart was an icon and a leader in his field. At the time no one really knew what he was on about.

20 years hence, we are still a small but loving family business. My folks have now retired, our products are still authentic and lovingly crafted. We are now into the 3rd generation with myself as manufacturer, Tyler my son, as a representative in Cape Town. The Gaia legend lives on and we are making new inroads into new markets and very proudly South African in this wonderful and challenging country which we call home. Life presents many challenges as what it does opportunities. Claudia Wantling – Director.