The Gaia Immunological Protocol



It is the clear philosophy, practical experience and conviction of the Director of the Gaia Research Institute, after 30+ years of virtually full-time holistic health research, that health cannot be found in a pill or potion of man-made nutritional supplements or medicines. Health is a gift from the Creator, which we, through application of divine and natural law, either preserve and nourish, or squander, and more rarely, rebuild and recover, according to our enlightenment, efforts, karma and life’s circumstances. All higher animals find their nourishment at the level of their eyes, and humans should be no exception, but paradoxically, due to our higher ‘intelligence’, almost always is. The extent to which we eat outside of the natural postural reach of our (raw) food collecting appendages – fruits – largely determines our health or disease status and ultimately the timing and circumstances of our demise.


Meticulous research in this past decade has also revealed to us which natural food substances are most likely to keep our bodies well-nourished and protected against disease and likewise, best able to return us from a state of ill-health, in spite of increased levels of stress and environmental chemical onslaughts and the ongoing depletion and nutritional deficiencies of especially critical micro-nutrients in the food chain. By way of example, a one time Gaia Research Medline computer search of the US National Library of Medicine revealed an incredible twelve thousand peer reviewed published scientific papers corresponding to the keyword ‘Green Tea’, more than any other natural food or even any nutritional or herbal or other medicinal substance, thereby vindicating our international pioneering introduction of this and our own high and unique health criteria “Quality Green Tea” into the Gaia Personal Care Product formulations and the Gaia Organics range of advanced internal health optimising products.


Gaia Research is furthermore proud to advise readers that it has also pioneered the availability of similar substances, such as high lignan, but low cyanide flaxseed paste, non-irradiated micronised seaweed, several oxygenating and electro-colloidal products, none of which are medicines, yet singularly and especially collectively, render most, if not all medicines redundant. The following information, whilst informing reader’s of the near miraculous properties of selected natural substances in their correct form and usage, is not in any way intended to imply medicinal claims, since the prevention and eradication of disease via food, beverages, minerals, air and water as advocated by us could never constitute medicine, except in the minds of those deranged individuals with financially vested interests in same and accordingly, in the suppression of positive health strategies and the perpetuation, if not actual creation of disease for the purposes of lucrative long-term disease management.


Whilst the Director of the Gaia Research Institute strongly upholds the principles of freedom of choice regarding the means to health and the treatment of disease, including availability of dietary supplements and natural herbal medicines, provided that these are of good quality and are honestly marketed in terms of scientific evidence based claims, it is the informed opinion of this institution that these should, in most cases, follow or be adjunctive to the premier anti-oxidant, micro- and macro- nutritive, alkalizing, oxygenating, enzyme-inducing, anti-pathogenic and life-inoculating substances introduced hereafter, if indeed such peripheral interventions are still required thereafter. Since it is not practical to fully document all of the relevant research in this brochure, a synoptic research database is incorporated on the Gaia website at: for the ongoing scientific evaluation of our leading-edge minimalist natural health strategies at a level rarely, if ever, offered for other health products anywhere in the world. Please avail yourself to all of this information before requesting any form of assistance.