I received a call from one of our directors this morning.  He told me that his daughter visited him and was super excited about a cream her husband bought her for her dry skin.  A cream that actually works – and this after trying many others! 

 Her dad (our Director) asked her to show it to him, and there he saw a familiar label.  It was one of your creams- GAIA!

So firstly, a good compliment on your product.

Now for the real reason that I called.  Our director was so impressed that he asked me to kindly request a sample of one or two items (can be empty containers) that we can put on our display cabinet in our demo room.  We have a few items that we keep on display to “show off” 😊

Let me know if this would be possible.  I will arrange a collection if you have anything to spare.  We will also send you a picture of your product in our demo room, and who knows, if you are in the area, you are welcome to visit us as well.

Kind Regards,

Corinna Carstens