Step by Step facial procedures for the Gold / Mature range :

Facial steps to follow:-

Step 1. Morning Cleanse : Wet face and cleanse with the 3-5 drops of Cosmetic Soap and rinse off.

Step 2. Evening Cleanse :  Cosmetic Cream Cleanser (safe to take off any eye make up).  Wet face and squeeze a small amount of cream cleanser to remove day’s build up and also remove any make-up (including eye).

Step 3.  Toning : Twice daily after cleansing process.  Slightly wet a piece of cotton wool and apply 5 drops of AHA Fruit Acid toner Mature and apply from the neck upwards, onto face, around nose and up to around the bone of eye area.

Step 4.  Spray your face with the Fruit Acid Phyto Spray to make sure skin is slightly damp – this will assist the next step in applying the moisturiser either day or night.

Step 5. Day moisturiser – Royal Bio Nutricell – shake bottle very well and puddle a few drops into the palm of your hand – rub hands lightly together and massage into the face and neck area. NOTE:  If skin is extremely dry and dehydrated TOP this application with the CELL REGENERATING CREAM which will seal the moisture from the Royal Bio Nutricell.

Step 6. Night moisturiser – Pigment Controlling Skin Complex

Step 7. Eye Zone / Tissue Oil serum – either pat oils around the eye area or apply a few drops to your night cream for an extra serum boost.