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Today we highlight the 20% fruit acid concentrate

Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring

The sloughing of dead cells particularly after the cold Winter months are necessary for skin revival.

This our September newsletter features and highlights the fruit acids and the effects of these fruit acids, used in our Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners, on the skin.

We also bring to you the first and initial results of our recent in house client testing on badly damaged and pock marked scarred skin.

1st Fruit Acid : Malic

1st Fruit Acid : Malic

Derived from apples, malic acid was first isolated from apple juice in 1785 and has since been discovered to stimulate exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells by interfering with how your skin cells bond and as a result, dull skin is removed to make way for newer fresh skin.

The benefits also include skin hydration, improved skin smoothness and tone as well as the reduction of wrinkles. It is a very common additive in bringing about skin rejuvination.
Yipee !!

2nd Fruit Acid : Citric

2nd Fruit Acid : Citric

A highly effective astringent this fruit acid is effective in cleansing and also the removal of dead skin matter as a gentle fruit acid peel. The esters of the acid also help to soften the skin providing additional moisturizing benefits and it is often used to balance the pH levels of skin care products.

The esters of this acid also help to create a thin coating on the skin that controls and limits the amount of moisture that evapourates from the skin. It also helps to shrink the pores of the skin and is useful in combating pore enlargement as well as treating acne.

3rd Fruit acid : Tartaric

3rd Fruit acid : Tartaric

Derived from grapes this fruit acid is the final acid that forms the alliance between the three in our fruit acid toner range.

It basically performs the same functions that the two abovementioned acids perform and is responsible for creating a smoother less wrinkled skin as well as renewal by causing the skin to become denser and more compact.

It also helps to free pores of clogging dead cells, lightens pigment marks and reveals younger and fresher skin.

Gaia’s Fruit Acid Concentrate

Gaia's Fruit Acid Concentrate

Combining the three abovementioned fruit acids and incorporating green tea and kelp extracts as well as vitamins, this 20% high potency fruit acid concentrate is an effective concentrate to strengthen the three other toners in our range of fruit Acid toners for personal preferences with regards to the strength of the peel of the other F.A toners.

It can also be used directly onto a spot on the face whereby drying and sterilizing the problem and then allowing the concentrated fruit acids to do their healthy work. The concentrate can also be applied on the upper lip area as well as on the corner of the eyes for intense wrinkle retardation.

It’s your emergency ‘go to’ when problems and break-outs occur.

Glycolic Acid Peel v/s Fruit Acid Peel – Acne Vulgaris

Even though Glycolic Acid performed faster when comparative patient testing was conducted there was not a statistically significant difference in terms of non-inflamed and inflamed lesions during the tests it was observed that Fruit Acid peeels caused far fewer problems than Glycolic Acid peels did.

The conclusion that was arrived at was that compared with the slightly faster GA peel results the Fruit Acid peel was far less irritating and much better tolerated by the skin.

In-house case study using the concentrate:

In-house case study using the concentrate

Shirley is a labelling assistant and I could see that she needed a little help with her skin condition so we put her on a regime of using the cosmetic soap cleanser, 5 drops of spot prone toner plus a pipette of fruit acid concentrate.

Perhaps one of the worst cases of acne vulgaris we have had to deal with thus far, has turned the corner and highly noticeable changes on this persons skin occurred after day two.

The immediate benefits being the clearing up of most of the active spots and the first signs of defeating the dark blemished scarring and potmarked skin became noticiceable.

Week Two:

Week Two: In-house case study using the concentrate

After only 1 week Shirley’s skin looked noticably better.

The initial infected pustules were not infected and certain areas of her face showed signs of drying out without cause any over oil production on the skin.

The results of the 3 Fruit Acids mentioned plus the use of the 20% f.a.c. is having a fast and noticeable iimprovement in this the second week of the use of this product.

Shirley will continue and maintain the use of the 20% Fruit Acid Concentrate, along with the Alpha Hydroxy Spot Prone Toner and we will keep you updated with the process of this in- house case study.

September Promotion

Our promotion for the month of September is one 20% Fruit Acid Concentrate 30ml and the usual FREE POSTAGE / POSTNET / COURIER (SA only) for all orders exceeding R500 before VAT.

Yours in health and wellness

Claudia Wantling – Director