Proof of the healing capabilities of the Gaia Organics Products – Nutricell Body Lotion

Thanks so much Gaia Organics!

Just some feedback on your products. I have applied the Nutricell Body Lotion as well as the Royal Bio Nutricell (Face Lotion) to two sores on my right arm that were simply not healing, not even scabbing. This has been going on for several months now. Anyhow, the one has now completely healed and dried up and I can’t easily identify where it was even! The other is taking time but is has scabbed over and I expect (hope?) that the scab will fall off soon.

I was getting worried about skin cancer and was considering a vist to a rather expensive skin specialist. But I have relaxed now and will liberally spread your products on my precious skin!

They seem to definitely work!

The proof is in the eating of the pudding.


Paul Hendler