The Proof of Magnesium Peroxide’s Benefits – user reviews

Great product

10/06/2017, By Anne

Great product! I started using it as a colon cleanser and to relieve constipation. It works gently. Other great benefits of this powder too!

Amazing for stiff sore joints

25/05/2017, By El

It’s been doing wonders to alkalize my body, and I can truly say that my joints are much less painful since I’ve started this regimen (I suffer from muscular rheumatism). My skin seems clearer too. Not instant results but worth it.
I use a pinch every morning in a glass of water, followed by a drop of Gaia 35% food grade H2O2 in every glass of water during the rest of the day.


20/04/2016, By Angie

Very gentle, and only need a little to benefit … your skin truly improves with daily use; you
calmer, and sleep better! I also use their magnesium spray, the best Ive tried so far!

6 out of 6 people would recommend this product