Oestrogen and Progestrone debate

DO Parbens really have such potent oestrogenic activity?  Parabens occur in nature and the foods below have oestrogen mimicking actives :

alfalfa, almonds, anise, apple, banana, barley, broccoli, cabbage, canola, cauliflower, carrot, cherry, chickpea; clover, coffee, corn, cumin, damiana, fennel, flaxseed, garlic, green bean, hop, lemon, lemon balm, licorice, lima beans, mint, oats, oregano, pea, pinto beans, pomegranate, plum, potato, rice, rice bran, rye, rape, sage, sesame, soybean, split pea, sunflower seed, thyme, turmeric, verbena, wheat, wheat bran, wheat germ, yam & yeast. Included are the oils of olive, corn, safflower, wheat germ, soya, rice bran, peanut and coconut.

GAIA RESEARCH is known to be one of the most well researched companies in the world, with Stuart Thomson having received many accolades for his research over a period of 30 years +, particularly his work on Traditional African Medicines, and most recently his article on Parabens, both praise been given by the BMJ (British Medical Journal) as well as Lancet (forerunning scientific journal).

Stuart Thomson wrote :

Hello Claudia

See below scientific praise for our Parabens article from the lead author of the attached recently published peer-reviewed paper in a major journal.

You might wish to use these if you have the website updated, to keep this expose’ current.



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Hi Stuart,

I read your excellent and extremely well-researched article on parabens. You may be interested in the article attached which we just published in Toxicology Letters. It points to the very same direction as your article. The article is available as open access, so it can be distributed to all interested parties. By the way, methylparaben acts as a sex pheromone in female canines; thus it rather seems to further reproduction than impeding it.

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There is NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE THAT PARABENS CAUSE CANCER.   www.cancer.org/cancer (there are many more links if you google cancer)


In our aqueous cream based products we use the purest Colloidal Silver as our main preservative as well as  the use fruit acids which are naturally derived from nature identical  sources in a ratio of 0.02mg / 25kg bucket of cream,  then diluted with our vitamin and cold pressed oil fractions, when we’re manufacturing a batch of creams of which we do 80 / 50ml creams per batch.  See http://www.gaiaresearch.co.za/aqueousafe.html


There is NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE THAT PARABENS CAUSE CANCER.   www.cancer.org/cancer (there are many more links if you google cancer)


I would urge you to also read our research on Progesterone cancer, the creams that are used under the arm, straight up into the lymph nodes …. That should be the real scare.




I hope that you find this information useful and if there’s ONE reliable and effective skin care range you can trust its GAIA.


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