The Herbalist Ashwagandha Caps 60’s


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Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to relieve stress, improve athletic performance, balance hormones.

Ashwagandha is best known for its stress-relieving properties but can also help increase muscle growth and vo2 max (aerobic fitness).

Ashwagandha also helps with hormonal imbalances in both men and women. It can help increase testosterone in men and help with menopausal issues in women. It also helps increase libido and fertility.

Ashwagandha is known as both a tonic herb and adaptogen, this means that it helps restore the body to its natural state as well as adapt to external or internal stressors.

Disclaimer: This unregistered product has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety, or intended use.  This medicine is not intended to diagnose any disease.

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