Gaia Organics Immune Boosting Pack (5 products)


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The Gaia Organics Immune Boosting Pack is a combination of our health products that assist and enhance the body’s immune system which is vital for our daily existence.

The pack consists of the following 5 products:
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade 75ml
Organic Green Tea (50 per box)
Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder – 100g
Magnesium Peroxide Alkaline Powder – 40g
Selenium Enriched Micronized Kelp Powder

The combination mentioned above of specifically selected Gaia Organics products will ensure that the immune system is serviced and maintained so as to be strong enough to ward off harmful germs, bacteria’s and viruses that the body is constantly having to fight against, as well as de-acidifying the body (Magnesium Peroxide) and via the anti-oxidant Green Tea. 

Gaia Organics Selenium-enriched micronized kelp powder as well as Pure Micronized Kelp power.

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