Gaia Organics Royal Bio Nutricell Gold 40+ 100ml – Glass/Recycled Plastic


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Advanced anti-aging and healing lotion, the Royal Bio Nutricell is particularly beneficial for skins that have had over-exposure to the sun, where the skin is dry with rough/flaky patches.

This product is suitable for all skins, men, and women, but particularly useful for dry and damaged skin and for women who, through hormonal changes of past and or present, suffer from dark marks on the skin (pigmentation).

Note that if using the Royal Bio Nutricell daily, it is advisable to use our Fruit Acid Mature Toner, as one of the main products in your routine – fruit acids are gentler (yet active) than common glycolic acid used in most toners.  Fruit acids encourage the exfoliation of dirt and rancid waste to the epidermis ready to be discarded by the toners, something which cleansers don’t achieve.

Natural sun protection +/- SPF 25, the Bio Nutricell

A unique organic day face moisturizer and our premier product by far is now enhanced with Kigelia extract.  Kigelia is an extract from the “sausage tree” and is known for its anti-oxidant and skin regenerative properties.

A latter edition to this formulation is using the African Potato plant (Hypoxis Rooperi) and grown on our farm in the Crags, Plettenberg Bay.  African Potato healing benefits are widely documented and therefore the decision was taken to include this in our formulation.

will help to restore damaged skin and provide a barrier against the sun for day use.

How does Bio Nutricell Benefit You?
*Anti-oxidants: Various natural but potent antioxidants are included to protect the cells from oxidative damage.
*Anti-ageing: A number of the ingredients have well-documented anti-aging properties, with some improving elasticity and others helping in the development of collagen.
*Soothing & Anti-inflammatory: Soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory ingredients are included to alleviate or prevent irritated skin conditions.
*Sun Protection: Whilst natural sun protective ingredients are included and will assist in providing a very low level of natural sun protection (due to the small amount of the product used), high UV exposure will require additional protection.

Assists the body’s melanin production: Adequate melanin production generally results in less stress on the skin during sun exposure, reduced tissue damage, and natural protection of the body by improving natural pigments. Melanin works by absorbing UV rays and dissipating them as heat.

Please note that this approach takes time, and even if your skin is producing melanin optimally you should avoid the sun completely when the UV index is high (between 11 am and 3 pm in summer months)

*Healing, regeneration, cell building: Healing and regeneration are essential in maintaining healthy skin.

In addition, we have included some ingredients that are known to assist with burns and others known for their ability to help regenerate skin damaged by the sun.

Bio Nutricell comprises of three separate layers: 1/3 organic Green Tea, 1/3 plant ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, 1/3 cold-pressed oils. No synthetic emulsifiers have been used to force them to combine. It is therefore essential to shake this product quite vigorously Once applied to the skin, the water-soluble ingredients are absorbed very quickly, whereas the oil-soluble ingredients require a short while for the oil to be warmed by the body in order for them to be absorbed.

Shake well, puddle into one cupped hand, spread over the hands, then face, neck & arms.

Kelp (trace minerals too numerous to detail),  purified rainwater; Green Tea, Kombucha & yeast (selenium), Kigelia Extract (sausage tree), Comfrey allantoin, Ginseng, Zinc oxide, Para-amino Benzoic (PABA), Beta-carotene, vitamins A, B2 & 6, C & E, d-Panthenol, Tyrosine, Glutathione, Thymol, Rose Hip Oil, cold-pressed Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flax Seed & Evening Primrose oils and essential oils of Lavender*, Rose Geranium*, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang.

*organically sourced.
Beauty Without Cruelty Accredited.
Vegetarian endorsed.

Additional Information

Weight 0.116 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12 cm
Glass or Recycled Plastic

Glass, Recycled Plastic

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