Gaia Organics Helichrysum Essential oil 10ml (organic)


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The first of a new offering to our range as well as our business, Gaia Organics is in the process of distilling our very own essential oils in the Crags region on the outskirts of Plettenberg Bay.

Helichrysum Odoratissimum grows wild and is known as one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to man and is the latin name for this bright yellow flowering plant, meaning “immortal” or “everlasting”.

Aptly named when one considers the many benefits the oil holds for the skin, particularly with regards to anti-aging and collagen production and particularly sun damage and skin healing.

Interestingly, Helichrysum is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape, where rural dwellers smoke, burn or boil the plants to make traditional medicines.

The oil is extremely soothing and healing on skin burns and rashes and is very effective against skin conditions like solar-keratosis, a form of the beginning of more serious skin effects such as melanoma.

The oil is highly concentrated and can be used along with a carrier oil or one drop applied to the skin and rubbed in gently to any affected area.

Helichrysum oil will be added to our next new product which is currently being formulated for use as an effective sun damage treatment.



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