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The Key To Immune Building Is To De-Acidify And Oxygenate The Body

The Gaia Immunological Optimisation Protocol Incorporating All Nutraceutical Elements for health boosting

After more than a decade-long experience that this protocol, if executed correctly – and in conjunction with the Gaia Diet, will serve to assist the human/animal body to void all hosted pathogenic micro-organisms, including active, but not latent viruses and the egg-stages of, but not macro-parasites themselves, whilst latent viruses remain so or are destroyed, as also are all malignant cells, via optimised host immune system enzyme-controlled cellular oxidation.

The abovementioned applies to conditions having their genesis in damage to, exhaustion of or nutritional deficits compromising host cellular immune response, including infectious conditions, cancers, auto-immune conditions and allergies, all excepting congenital genetic aberrations. This information is not intended to offer medical advice or promote the sale of any substance. The basis of the protocol, successfully and safely used by many associated with the Institute is based on the importance of an ALKALINE body.

None of the above components will have an appreciable effect without the multiple synergistic optimal alkalising and vitalising effects of the Gaia Diet.

Please take note of the following, particularly if you’ve been reading the “ONE MINUTE CURE” by author Madison Cavanagh:
The Importance of Alkalinising Prior to taking Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade.
Without alkalising first, Hydrogen Peroxide will do little more than make you nauseous and possibly headachy as it interacts with the waste in your colon. Oxygen needs a pH neutral or an alkaline medium to effectively dissolve.

We suggest the use of PURE MAGNESIUM PEROXIDE OXYGEN POWDER (stabilised electrolytes of oxygen) to clear the colon and alkalise the gut which will also clear the cells of mucous. In doing so the oxygen in the water you drink, along with additional oxygen via magnesium peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide can dissolve in your gut fluid and be assimilated into your blood. Hydrogen Peroxide on its own, without pH correction will cause acidity.

If using Hydrogen Peroxide for oxygenation, it is recommended that one begins the 5-day course of Magnesium Peroxide Powder PRIOR to using the Hydrogen Peroxide. The Magnesium Peroxide will clear the body and gut from any excess acid and mucous and only then can the oxygenating effects from the Hydrogen Peroxide be fully absorbed.”