The Gaia Baby

The Gaia baby range is suitable for children of all ages; however it is advisable to bear in mind that an infant under the age of 9 months old is still in the process of immune development and therefore should not require over-exposure to lathers and lotions but a minimal approach to products used on the skin as and when necessary.

Note that our popular Happy Nappy Baby Powder does not contain Talc, we instead use safe and gentle ingredients such as kaolin clay base and corn starch.

Featured in this category are the most important products which usually are laden with high chemicals, i.e. sunblock and general sun-protection products as well as mosquito repellents.

As an alternative to high SPF sun protective products, the Gaia Extreme UV sunblock, and Zinc sunblock spray are safe for you and your family.  Zinc oxide, and here note, is ‘nano-particle’ free and contains no heavy metals.  Zinc is a mineral safe to use on the skin.

Please note that no child under 12 months should be exposed to the extreme temperatures of our hot African summers.  Simple rules to follow, do not go into the sun between 10am and 4pm in the height of the summer months.

Mosquito repellent: Gaia’s tried, and tested Mosquito repellent and bite relief lotion is safe to use on babies, particularly on the ears and feet, areas that are exposed to mosquitos.