Positive Beauty Salon feedback

From: Fiona Scheffel [mailto:moonrising@cyberperk.co.za]


Hi Guys

Thank you for referring my opinion forward on the use of Gaia in a professional application.

Firstly, I have never experienced sensitivity, allergy, itching, burning or any other reaction in the Salon.  This even applies to clients who are undergoing AHFruit Acid Peels between 25% and 35%.

My interest in Gaia began about 30 years ago when I was buying the odd product and also listening to endorsements, recommendations and testamonials from clients.  I regularly went to Health Focus to collect Stuart’s leaflets and pamphlets (no emails then!) and his research, attitude and revelations of the organic movement was exciting, explosive and necessary.

By 2008, many clients who were faithful to the high-end German, French, Swiss cosmetic houses began buying Gaia.

And so it was that I eventually phoned Claudia and said I was interested.  The only South African product I had used was Environ, which I began to work with in the early 90s.  Since then, I attended many workshops and seminars that Environ presented, mostly conducted by Dawn Baines.  I studied skin peels under the personal training of Dr Des Fernandes.

I began to work with Gaia in my Salon in 2009.

With Claudia’s very keen collaboration, we utilized  a mainly retail line into a working  professional treatment .  All my clients, even the skeptics, were impressed.

The product sells easily because it is good, comprehensive, safe, has brilliant back-up, beautifully packaged and well priced

 It is a marvel working with the Gaia team.  They are professional and will go to great lengths to satisfy consumers

It took a bit of mental adjustment to acknowledge the product’s consistency, colour and fragrance are often different from the previous batch, but this is what sets Gaia apart – organic in the true sense.

My clients are getting used to this aspect.  There are die-hard difficult people, but when I phone Claudia for an opinion, she can always back-up the “inconsistency” with a valid explanation.

Whenever I have made a suggestion to expand the Salon application, I have only experienced a sense of excitement and willingness from the team and if not the following day – hours later I will receive a sample for testing.

With Claudia’s experience and expertise in the field of application, we agreed on a procedure.

I have developed my own 2 treatments since those early days:  essentially this is just a variation on the Mask application, where indicated due to skin condition.  Additionally, with the recent exciting addition of stronger Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Peels, the opportunity for skin renewal and more frequent Salon visits is born

This is the standard procedure that I apply.  The clients find it very satisfying:

Cleanse  –  COSMETIC CREAM CLEANSER Eye make-up, décolletage, and face

Exfoliate  –   Exfoliating Scrub.  Decolletage and face and lips.  I allow it to dry slightly on the décolletage and then rub it off (like the Clarins Doux Peel) But when I get to the face, I dip my hands in warm    water to keep face moist

Steam / Hot Compress  –   Extractions

Cleanse  –    Cleansing Wash for all skin types

Tone    – Gaia Green Tea infusion on cottonwool  (this was Claudia’s idea)  I don’t really do it unless I have done a strong AHFA Peel)

I spray the skin thoroughly with the Fruit Acid Phyto Spray  (it never tingles or burns, even after the Scrub)  OR I spray onto damp cottonwool and press into the skin (this is to provide moisture to     prepare for next step in the treatment and to cause a fast peripheral blood flow)  The clients love it – my favourite product.  It has such a beautiful fragrance.  Stuart once said it is the most under-utilized product.

Massage   –   I apply the Eye Zone Oil (I don’t like this word) (– Claudia and I have worked on a new formula for the Oil Serum)>  I apply a few drops to the entire Face and neck and the moistened lips.   I then do Shiatzu for a few minutes.

I then apply the Cosmetic Massage Oil to the décolletage and shoulders.

*Mask   –  I apply either Cell Regenerating (Mask) in summer OR Night Nourishing (Mask – Claudia prepares these in @200ml bottles) in winter OR the divine Clay Mask.

I then do Lymphatic Drainage on the face – with the Mask on.  I continue normal massage on the décolletage, shoulders and neck and continue on the face until massage is complete

Remove with  sponges

Fruit Acid Phyto Spray on cotton wool  /  OR  Gaia Green Tea as a toner

Royal Bio-Nutricell or other specific Day/Night

Extreme UV Defence if in morning

*When indicated I replace the above Mask treatment with the Enzymasque & Endo-Epidermal Steri-Oxygenator and follow instructions for application

* With the  introduction of Gaia Fruit Acid Peels   –  I apply the AHFA Peel after Cleansing with the Cosmetic Cream Cleanser, do extractions, (I have personally waxed my face AFTER applying the AHFA Peel and had no adverse reaction), however be cautious  if waxing.  Cleanse again with Cleansing Wash.  Spray or cottonwool apply Fruit Acid Phyto Spray or Gaia Green Tea infusion on cotton-wool.  Isolate sensitive tissue around eyes, nostrils and lips with Vaseline (I brush it on gently)   You can put on rubber gloves  (I don’t – just wash my hands immediately) whilst applying the Peel with a Pipette. Spread quickly and evenly>  Stay with client.  Sometimes I do some light effleurage for the duration of the Peel (10min).

To neutralize,  I prepare beforehand a Gaia Green Tea infusion and freeze it in ice trays.  I use blocks of ice solid in summer and rub evenly over skin but allow it to melt in a little dish in winter and apply it on cottonwool.  Wipe off with water.  Apply the Eye Zone Oil over entire face>  Royal Bio-Nutricell.  Extreme UV Defence.

I put the prospective Peel client onto Royal Bio-Nutricell and Ext UV Defence first for a month before I agree to Peel.  I give the client a précis of the treatment explaining the effects and what to expect with advice on the necessity of after care – I think a client should sign an indemnity form too ?  I take a photo before.


Very best regards


Kind Regards,

Fiona Munro Scheffel

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