November Newsy

November Newsletter

Gaia greetings everyone, the rolldown to December is almost upon us and today Plett is at 35deg.
Gaia ‘ Gold’ Mature Skinpack

This month of November we are highlighting our Gold Range Mature Skin Pack, consisting of 7 (two are not in the pic) ‘skin perfecting’ products, as well as the benefits of using fruit acids for cleansing and toning the skin.
The Mature Gold skin pack is perfect for introducing someone new to the range or using the products as they were designed to be used .. synergistically.
1. Cosmetic Cream Cleanser:

A specially formulated, liquid cream-based cleanser designed and intended to safely, gently and effectively remove residue and make-up products from the skin prior to fruit acid toning. It’s gentle action is both soothing and cleansing preparing the skin for the following step.
2. Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toner:
This fruit acid toner has been developed to assist in deep pore cleansing and refining as well as targeting fine line wrinkles. The active ingredients of malic acid (apple), citric acid (orange) and tartaric acid (grape), are a much healthier and ‘skin friendlier’ alternative to using glycolic acid toners and less dehydrating then toner that contain alcohol.
Fruit acids in a gentle and pH balanced formulation do not cause photo-sensitivity and help stimulate new cellular growth activity. Very important in the overall skin care regime.
4. Ultra Hydrating Phyto Spray:
A product best defined as an anti-aging, free radical scavenger and derma oygenating mist. Applying a light spray of Ultra Hydrating Phyto Spray to the face after toning helps to hydrate the skin prior to either applying a day or night moisturiser. This product has a light fruit acid concentration and eyes must be avoided whilst applying the spray to the face.
5. Royal Bio-Nutricell Day Face Lotion:
A ‘liquid gold’ moisturizer, which is unique in formula and to Gaia Organics and is the ultimate when it comes to a comprehensive multi- functional skin food. This product also contains anti-aging and cell regenerative properties along with a mild sun protection factor which helps to serve as a muti-functional, sun protecting, derma-nutrient, feeding and regenerating the skin in numerous ways. Remember to shake well.
6. Pigment Controlling Night Cream:

This ‘delicately soft’, and rich Pigment Controlling Night Cream is the penultimate step in the process of cleansing, toning and moisturising the skin.
Apply lightly as a final cream application to the face and is rich in Jojoba oil as well as Kombucha extracts and phytolene’s which are plant based extracts of ginseng, ginko and bearberry.
For an added boost, apply a pipette of serum and massage from the declotage, neck and over face.
7. Eye Zone Serum (Tissue Oil)
The Eye Zone Plant Serum is specifically formulated for the exceptionally fine and delicate skin surrounding the area of the eye. This light oil serum is perfect in alleviating any dryness that affects the skin surrounding the eyes. The oils of jojoba, Evening Primrose, neroli and Jasmin as well as Vitamins A, C, E, collude to form a nutritive oil, keeping the skin surrounding the eyes soft and nourished.
Claudia hits the big Five O .. oh oh
So here we are, at the milestone 50 mark, pictured here with my sons Tyler & Jethro.
It was 15 years ago since leaving Cape Town for the Garden Route to work with the (then) directors (my parent’s) to where we are now having taken over the business since their retirement in 2013. I look forward to many years ahead with many new exciting projects.
November Promo
Mature Gold Skin pack usually R1080 now R925 … a saving of R155 ! Order via the shop or email
Wishing you all well for the month of November everyone.
Love Claudia x