November 2017 Newsy

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Gaia greetings and welcome to our penultimate newsletter for 2017 !

At the onset of the festive season we are highlighting Magnesium Peroxide and Magnesium Chloride as health beneficial substances as well as listing our beneficial health nutraceutical supplements.

The Magnesiums And their Importance:

The Magnesiums And their Importance

There are two ways that magnesium can be taken or administered – either through ingesting or applied topically.

It is said to support everything from bones to muscles, heartbeat and immune system and may be effective as a treatment for Osteoporosis, common in menopausal women.

Magnesium deficiency is very common especially in those who eat large quantities of red meat, fats and sugars and whose diet is low in fresh fruit and vegetables.

This can contribute to everything from depression, loss of appetite, headaches and constipation. With the body being unable to produce mineral magnesium we need to ensure that we receive the required amounts so as to function correctly (this pertains to Vitamin C or our Sodium Ascorbate alternative as well).

Magnesium Peroxide ” The Oxygen Liberator”

Magnesium Peroxide

The compound Magnesium Peroxide also known as “oxygenated magnesia” or “oxygen release compound” is 43% mineral magnesium and 57% oxygen which is released when the powdered magesium comes into contact with hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

The oxygen provides many additional benefits of magnesium, the main advantage being a significantly greater mineral ionization and absorption.

It is an ideal carrier for oxygen since it is an antacid and alkalizes the gut fluid thereby enabling the oxygen to dissolve.

Due to magnesium peroxide having a cleansing effect on the colon this can often lead to the bowel becoming “loose” and symptoms of diarrhea may occur, however this does not apply to all who use it and varies from person to person.

Magnesium Chloride Spray

Magnesium Chloride Spray

Magnesium Chloride are flakes of magnesium which are slightly oily in texture. Once mixed with water it is undeniably therapeutic to the human body, yet much is left unsaid about the type and quality of various forms of Magnesium. Not all types of Magnesium deliver the same recognizable benefits.

The absorption of the mineral varies but the results of magnesium chloride are admirable.

Topical application is beneficial for symptoms related to muscle cramps, spasms and skin problems.

Gaia’s Internal Health Care protocol

Gaia's Internal Health Care protocol

The key to immune boosting is to de-acidify and oxygenate the body as no parasite or bacteria can survive in a high oxygen environment. We have a few basic nutraceutical supplements to assist bringing the body into balance.

1. Magnesium Peroxide oxygen powder
2. Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C powder
3. Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade
4. Selenium-Sea in a Kelp base
5. Micronized Kelp (organic west coast seaweed)
6. Flaxseed oil (cold-pressed)
7. Organic Hemp Seed oil
8. Nutri spice health salt and spice blend
9. Tumeric & Black pepper
10. Kombucha raw energising drink
11. Green tea (organic) bags or whole-leaf loose
12. Organic Barley Grass powder

This protocol has been executed successfully for over a decade, and if executed correctly and in conjunction with a 90-100% vegetarian diet, will serve to assist the human body in building the immune system greatly and prohibiting the onset of cellular oxidative stress which can lead to many diseases.

November Promotion

Gaia Organics November Promotion

Our November promo is a free tub of Magnesium Peroxide 20g as well as a Magnesium Chloride spray, with every order exceeding R500.

Free postage / courier applies to orders exceeding the value of R500 (before VAT). S.A. customers only.

Order via or by emailing

Wisdom Quote

Wisdom Quote

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”.

Have a blessed November everyone.

Gaia Love
Claudia x0x