Natural Mineral Based Sunscreen

Mineral vs Chemical sunscreens

How does Gaia Organics achieve safe and effective sun protection?
The following are a few of the safe ingredients which are used in our extreme UV sunblock:

Green tea; Zinc oxide; PABA; Sesame oil; Vitamin E, Lavender

UVA Protection
Gaia uses only natural UV-A sunscreens approved by the US FDA, namely mineral Zinc Oxide. We will not use the other approved chemical Avobenzone, because this is entirely synthetic. Chemical-type sunscreens are dangerously absorbed into the skin, whilst mineral types lie safely on the surface of the skin.  From a safety perspective, the mineral types are clearly safer.  Mineral Zinc oxide is an approved ingredient, providing refractive protection against the entire UV A+B spectrum.

Zinc oxide is safe for the oceans and for the environment in general.

UVB Protection
Gaia also uses nutritional, Vitamin B yeast-derived, Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), an FDA-approved natural UV-B sunscreen. Gaia does not use synthetic PABA esters as these synthetic esters have created reputations as skin sensitizers.

PABA is a nutritional yeast and a natural component of folic acid – a B-complex vitamin which exists in many whole foods. When stabilized with antioxidants such as Green Tea, PABA remains the safest UV-B screen available.

Gaia also uses minimal antioxidant Vitamin E, which is synergistic (combined enhancing effect greater than individual contributions) with PABA.

Sesame oil is used for its anti-oxidative lignin and phenolic constituents and for its high refractive index and capability.

Green tea – more potent in its carcinoma inhibiting properties than green tea extracts has been the most promising substance in the field of skin-cancer prevention and treatment for the past decade, limited only by its non-patentability.

Types of skin cancer that everyone should be aware of:
Actinic keratosis (a scaly or crusty bump that forms on the skin surface) and squamous cell carcinoma (a rodent ulcer), are benign pre-cancers and superficial cancers respectively, both caused by UV-B exposure.
Basal cell carcinoma and the usually fatal malignant melanoma are far more serious deep-seated skin cancers caused by UV-A exposure.
Both UV-B and UV-A are best avoided in peak times and exposure should be carefully controlled.
Green tea extracts are effective cancer preventive agents for many of the adverse effects of sunlight on human health and may thus serve as natural alternatives for photo-protection, in part by inhibiting the erythema response evoked by UV radiation, reducing the number of sunburn cells, protecting the epidermal cells from UV damage, and reducing the DNA damage that forms after UV radiation.

Gaia Organics products are formulated with powerful antioxidants found in green tea.