June newsletter

Greetings beautiful peopleThe month of June, solstice month and we’re half way through the year.  Gaia continues to deliver and educate and today we’re discussing the effects of rancid oils on the skin.


Rancidity : The Effects of Rancid Oils on Your Skin and HealthRancidity is a term generally used to denote unpleasant odours and flavours in foods, oils and creams resulting from a deterioration in the fat or oil portion of a product. The main cause of of oils and fats becoming rancid is due to oxidation although it is not the only cause.

“A certified organic oil carries a high price tag as its comparatively high level of actives deliver better annd faster results than most oils, however so called organic oils can be very fragile ingredients often oxidizing after minimal contact with air and sunlight. As a result many of us may be using facial oils and essential oils that are no longer active and are possibly rancid whereby they have a more damaging long term effect on our skin”

Oxidation causes a complete and permanent change in the base oil molecules. Basically once completely oxidized the skin saving qualities are now ineffective.

Some oils resist oxidation far better than others. Pure coconut oil for example is one of the most stable oils availlable on the market. It rarely turns rancid and delivers it’s skin-softening benefites even after left sitting for months . It is also an excellent anti-oxidant.

All Gaia creams and lotions contain the base of Coconut Oil as well as Organic Jojoba and Organic Sesame oils.  The quality of these 3 base oils are stable on the skin and are not affected by ambient body heat and / or sunlight and UV lightning warming and therefore don’t rancidfy.

Some skin care manufacturers try to lure consumers into believing that the more exotic oils such as Avocado, Marula, Argen are safe and will benefit the skin.


Health Effects of Oil RancidityWhile there is a general awakening by many as to the harmful effects of ingesting rancid oils one has to be extremely careful that the oils are preserved and stored correctly so as to prevent the oils from becoming rancid.

“Rancid oil forms and releases harmful free radicals in the body which are known to cause cellular damage and have been associated with diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. They can also cause digestive distress and deplete the body of vitamins B and E as well as causing damage to DNA , accelerating aging and promoting tissue degeneration and foster cancer developement”

“The free radical theory of aging states that organisms age because over time cells accumulate free radical damage. For most biological structures, free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage.”  This leads to cellular oxidation and premature ageing on the skin.  Just what we’re trying to avoid!


June PromoTo all of our very loyal clients all over the globe, we would like to again extend our thanks for believing in us and trusting our hand-crafted products.  We’re not brilliant marketers, our packaging might not jump off the shelf at you, but we really do try our very best at ensuring your overall health inward and outward.

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