July Newsy

July chat and welcome new subscribers

July chat and welcome new subscribers

Thank you to all who were concerned for our safety during the recent devastating fires that ripped through the garden route, specifically the towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. Your emails and calls were much appreciated and luckily we were unharmed.

Our thoughts go out to many people who lost everything from homes to livelihoods, displaced and injured animals and to a volunteer 24 year old fire fighter who lost his life.

Today we’re discussing Fruit Acids & Magnesium P.

Today we're discussing Fruit Acids & Magnesium P.

In this our mid-Winter newsletter we would like to highlight two of our products, namely the Alpha Hydroxy Fruit acid toners and explain why they are important and the Magnesium Peroxide powder.

Our Magnesium peroxide oxygen powder is becoming increasingly popular here and abroad with many testimonials of positive feedback, so we’d like to focus on this product as well.
But first …….

Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid toners

Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid toners

Gaia pioneered the use of Green tea and Fruit Acids in our Alpha Hydroxy acid toners.

With a blend of anti-irritant organic Green Tea and West Coast Kelp in conjunction with malic, citric and tartaric fruit acids and combined with the purest organically sourced essential oils, the toners greatly assist in the removal of dead skin tissue build up as well as visibly improve skin texture and overall vibrance and elasticity.

Used correctly – 5 drops onto a wad of slightly dampened cotton wool twice daily, our toners redifine texture, smooth out and retard developement of fine wrinkles by naturally stimulating the endogenous production of collagen and elastin.

A smoother skin in turn boosts and increases the effectiveness, absorption and adhesion of your moisturiser.

One should notice from 4-8 weeks with daily use a difference in texture and appearance without the risk of sensitisation or skin damage which is often the case with alcohol based toners and chemical peels.

Magnesium Peroxide (oxygen powder)

Magnesium Peroxide (oxygen powder)

The Gaia Organics Magnesium Peroxide alkaline powder (MgO2) is 43% powdered magnesium (Mg) and 57% pure ‘solid phase oxygen’.

Magnesium Peroxide is an excellent carrier of oxygen since it is an antacid and alkalizes the body when in contact with hydrochloric acid naturally occuring in our stomachs, thereby enabling the oxygen to disperse.

Magnesium peroxide progressively liberates the oxygen upon contact with the acids in water and also imparts a beneficial high alkaline reaction to the water added.

Flushing the Colon

Flushing the Colon

Water borne Magnesium (as opposed to taking a tablet) is absorbed 30% bettter and much faster than a food state magnesium. It also activates the loosening of old and toxic waste matter stubbornly hidden in the pockets of the colon wall.

It is important to realise that acid builds mucous and mucous coats the cell membranes thereby inhibiting adequate absorption of vital nutrients and enzymes.

We recommend a pinch of Magnesium Peroxide powder in every glass of water on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast daily until the bowel completely empties.

Magnesium peroxide can also be safely taken at night before retiring to assist the body during rest and repair muscular aches and pains.

July Promotion

Our promotion this month is one complimentary 20g Magnesium Peroxide with all orders to the minimum value of R500 before VAT. The usual free postage, postnet, courier (main centres) applies. (S.A. only).

In closing …

In closing ...

“I have just three lessons to teach:
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures “.

Lao Tzu

Until next time, love from the Gaia team
Alan, Cindy, Allie & Claudia