January Newsletter 2016

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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016 and today we focus on the symptoms of Gout.
Gout: The Definition

If one were to define the condition ‘Gout’ it could perhaps be best and most simply described as a condition whereby, the body, due to various factors, is unable to completely metabolise and expell all the uric acid within it, eventually leading to a build-up which gathers and crystalizes in the small bones of the hands, feet and ankles.
This condition is often called “gouty arthritis”.
The Causes of Gout:

Firstly in our belief that , “what you eat has a direct influence on your health and all your bodily functions” proves there are direct corrolations between foods and liquids that are consumed and the painful “gouty arthritis” that is the direct result of these dietary and metabolism issues.
As those that suffer from gout know, it is an extremely painful inflammation of the joints caused by needle – sharp uric acid crystals. The big toe being the common target but gout can attack the feet, ankles, knees and hands as well.
Unfortunately “flare-ups” can often occur and can last for days or months. Studies have shown that people who have suffered from gout have a 62% chance of suffering another “flare-up” within a year. The odds climb to 80% within two years and over time repeated attacks can eat into bone and cartilage causing permanent damage to the affected joints. Men and obese people are normally at a greater risk than woman. If one is prone to gout, the foods you eat and don’t eat, play a key role in keeping your joints ‘gout free’.
If you are prone to gout attacks, foods like meat, seafood (herring, tuna and anchovies), alcohol, sugery drinks and also certain vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms and spinach are high- purines that increase uric acid levels in the body.
Organ meats like liver, kidneys etc. are major no-no.
What to eat instead:

There are actually several types of foods that may in fact help counter against gout attacks.
Complex carbohydrates, coffee and fruits (especially citrus fruits) as well as ensuring that you drink at least 12-16 cups of fluid daily.
One does not neccessarily have to drink water only, although it should not be beer, and can choose non-sweetened juice, Gaia green tea and coffee too.
Basically any fuid, other than alcohol, that keeps the blood and urine flowing is a good choice.
Effective Gout Inhibitors:

To inhibit and assist in preventing re-occurring “flare-ups” we recommend 4 products within our health-care range that have multi-beneficial results in helping to counter “gout flare-ups” by increasing blood circulation, detoxifying the body and ensuring and maintaining a healthy and active metabolism.
These four products mentioned below are capable of forming a comprehensive shield against gout attacks and will ensure that blood flow is increased, the neccessary Vitamin C is absorbed, as well as ensuring high levels of anti-oxidant health benefits of Chinese Organic Green Tea to prevent and alleviate symptoms.
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Warm regards
The Gaia Team