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The book called “The One Minute Cure” written by Madison Cavannah advocates many a truth about the benefits of H202 35% Food Grade.  H202 is water with an oxygen molecule (2) attached. Oxygen is liberated in our bodies provided we are relatively acid free and can destroy bacterial, parasitic and/or viral activity due to the fact that  these organisms cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.Even though we have been advocating the wonderful sterilising effects of H202, caution must however still be taken whilst in it’s undiluted state. As with Homeopathy, less more often, is actually more effective.  Use as an oral throat spray, sterilizing fruits and veggies to get eliminate pesiticide poisons.  For a 3% solution, using our concentrated 75ml 35% pure H202 and dilute 3 drops per 450ml water.For general health benefit, 3-5 drops per glass of, preferably distilled water, or if not, previously boiled water that has been allowed to cool will be fine if your municipal water is not suitable, or if there is no direct access to clean drinking water,  3-5 drops per 250ml glass of water 3 – 5 times a day.  Best taken on an empty stomach to avoid interference whist there is food in the stomach. Do not coincide or administer whilst utilizing iron supplements as it will intefere with the absorbtion.  For more info on this subject go here .. https://www.gaiaorganics.co.za/product/gaia-hydrogen-peroxide-35/


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