Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade – user reviews.



30/11/2017, By Sam

Good quality

Awaiting good results..

12/08/2017, By Singh

Could not find this product anywhere else.

Gaia Organics Hydrogen Peroxide

02/11/2016, By Sharon

Using this to help heal from a bad fall. Find it works well and also have more energy.

Excellent quality

26/08/2016, By Nicolette

Not only did I received the product much sooner than expected, the quality is just great.

Great for sulphite sensitivity!

15/08/2016, By Eline

Since Ive been using this (in conjunction with alkaline salts) I get much less colds and other nasties.
I also add a drop to my glass of wine, and it counters the sulphite side effects beautifully.

Amazing Product

17/02/2016, By shirley

Although this product has many great virtues, we discovered another very helpful attribute. my nephew has regular nose bleeds and as anyone one knows it is not easy to get blood stains out especially when they have dried. enter this AMAZING PRODUCT! just rub it on (use gloves cos it burns your skin bit) and watch the stain literally disappear! Amazing!