Gaia testimonial from Greg in Cape Town

Hey Alan

Hope you are well and great to hear from you @ Gaia

Some quick feedback from myself.

Service and delivery is great , and a treat to be buying on line . It’s become easier for me to organise my purchases online than it is to find the time to get in the car to go and buy from the local supplier , which is never en route and only happens if I happen to be in the area.

The delivery always comes with a little surprise sample , which is appreciated and great way to test out other products . I have my  regular favourites which I don’t deviate from unless tempted.

The change over to glass is a welcome one , and I’m happy to pay a little extra for this. A small thought would be to recycle and would be happy to send back the bottles to avoid throwing them away . Recycling the plastic was always a challenge.

I think you guys are doing amazing things with a local product , that in my opinion is world class , and constantly improving and looking at ways to improve or innovate .

Keep it up and wish you all the best.