Gaia Organics – positive feedback Jan 2017

Hi Claudia

I am not sure if I have mentioned that the scaly patch on my nose for which you recommended the Fruit Acid 20% Concentrate and Cell Regenerating cream, has completely healed and all I am left with is a slightly pink spot which is fading with time. For this success, proving that the products work, and the fact that there are no “nasties”, I am completely committed to your range.

In addition, we are loving Kombucha which we have on the brew continuously, and I have to restrain my husband as he would consume vast quantities if I didn’t ask him to make it last between batches! I managed to buy some Budget Loose Leaf green tea at the Knysna Health shop (near the Waterfront) while we were there as my supply was completed finished. That is a lovely store and I see they keep the Gaia Organics range as well.

Take care and keep up the great work you are doing in keeping us all healthy.
Kind regards