GAIA Newsy – August 2023 – GAIA turns 30!!

Greetings everyone

August is a bumper month!

On the 15th August 1997, Gaia Research t/a Gaia Organics registered their business with the CIPC.

Pictured here at the original owners and formulators of the Gaia Organics range: My mum, Lettie and step-father, Stuart Thomson.

They began their journey as Rainbow Organic Herbs back in the day in 1992! That makes us around 30 years old!

Catalogues from as far back as 1994 / 1996

New Product : Pure Vitamin A oil (retinyl Palmitate)

The ultimate queen of serums.

Retinyl palmitate is a gentle, skin-friendly form of Vitamin A.

Retinyl palmitate enhances turnover of skin activity (think shedding dead cells), for a rejuvenated glow on the skin.

Retinyl palmitate is a dietary source of essential vitamin A and can therefore protect existing collagen and boost new collagen production.

Self-Healing: The 1st Natural Law of Well-Being

Sharing the 1st part of 4 laws, to a full holistic overview of the natural laws of recuperation (well-being) By Debra McCreedy, Specialised Kinesiology

Head/Down is the 1st Law of Recuperation, addressing the mental aspects of your well-being.

Our mental thoughts and our attitude need to be positive to bring a positive change to a symptom that may be showing, or to avoid dis(ease) or discomfort.

On a physical level the brain is the most important part of us and is the priority to recuperate before any other part of the body and must be addressed in combination with any other treatment.

An illness must move in a downward position for a person to recuperate and therefore get well.

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