February Newsy

Gaia greetings to you all

Hello everyone and welcome to our first newsletter of 2017. To those back in SA over the summer season, it was wonderful to see you again as well as a few familiar faces in Sedgefield who I had the pleasure of chatting to again, thank you for stopping by the Gaia stand and for your continued support and friendship.

In this newsletter we discuss the topic of Eczema.

Eczematious Skin and Ways to Combat the Problem

Due to the increasing number of Eczema sufferers that we are currently assisting, we thought it perhaps appropriate to select this as a topic that requires addressing and through our research and findings, we hope that this newsletter serves to highlight the medical condition along with the causes and the remedies that one can make use of , to combat this uncomfortable and irritating condition.

Eczema: Definition and the Causes

Eczema: Definition and the Causes

Eczema is a ‘rashy’ skin condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked and rough. Blisters can also occur and it affects a large portion of the population. The word Eczema is usually and specifically refers to ‘atopic dermatitis’ which is the most common type of Eczema.

Strangely the exact specific cause of Eczema still remains unknown and a bit of a mystery, but it is believed to develop due to a combination of hereditary (genetic) as well as food intake and environmental factors.

Topical irritants which can be in the form of soaps, detergents, shampoos, disinfectants as well as certain foods that may cause imbalances which can lead to eczema outbreaks on the skin. Stress is another huge influencing factor combined with changes in hormonal levels that our bodies are constantly undergoing. Eczema can be classified as either mild, moderate or extreme.

Internal treatments for Eczema

Internal treatments for Eczema

There is no one- single test that is used to diagnose eczema, and no absolute cure. Most treatments for the condition aim to heal the affected skin and prevent further outbreaks through various ways and processes.

This often involves a process of elimination so as to isolate or single out what could be causing the eczema whether it be an internal allergy causing the outbreak or a topical irritation caused by contact with products that the body is not happy to come into contact with.

Internal treatments should include Hemp seed oil and / or cold pressed Flaxseed oil for intake and hormonal stabilising through Omega’s.

Atopic Skin Treatments : EFA Cream (Essential Fatty Acids)

Atopic Skin Treatments : EFA Cream (Essential Fatty Acids)

We have two creams in our Gaia Skincare Range that have been specially developed and formulated for eczematious sufferers to help counter the ravages of this very common and wide ranging skin condition.

The first being the EFA Cream (essential fatty acids) which is a simple yet effective counter-active cream designed to combat Eczema and related skin conditions, which is rich in essential fatty acids, and contains cold pressed flaxseed oil, vitamins A, C & E with essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Patchouli and German Chamomile.

Severe cases of eczema should first apply Comfrey & Thyme healing balm followed by the E.F.A.

Comfrey and Thyme Healing Balm

Comfrey and Thyme Healing Balm

The second cream designed and formulated by Gaia Organics to assist with eczema is the Comfrey and Thyme healing Balm, which is infused with organic comfrey extracts, centella extracts, soothing green tea and aloe extracts as well as vitamin C with essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree and German Chamomile.

The healing effects of the comfrey combined with the soothing aloe extracts and essential oils used in this product are extremely effective in soothing and assisting eczema sufferers offering effective relief from this irritating skin condition.

Healing for the mind

Healing for the mind

Our minds are constantly active which deactivates healthy sleeping patterns. Exercise is vital as part of a de-stressing programme and of course inducing oxygen in the body. (I find a good Zumba dance workout works wonders and Yoga even better).

Transcendal Meditation is a simple and reliable way of freeing the mind from the vicious circle of activation. All that is needed is to give the mind a break.

The mind needs short periods of silence – regularly.

This is the most difficult exercise of all.

February Promotion

Promotional offer for the month of February we are giving away a complimentary E.F.A. cream with every order placed.

Orders to the value of R350 – free postage. Orders R600 and over free courier to main centres or free Postnet if outlying area. Please specify on your order form. Applicable to SA only.

Casting seeds … Gaia branding

Casting seeds ... Gaia branding

This year will see change in the Gaia branding and packaging. As you might know or have followed, our progression as been an organic step-by-step (baby ones) process.

We have upgraded the Gold label, now sees a potential change in complete packaging and fresh logo approach.

If there are any budding designers or creative spirits out there, I would love to hear from you. Think colours stone / black / teal. director@gaiaorganics.co.za.

Yours in Gaia love, Claudia