Correct usage of products to combat Pigmentation

Correct usage of the Gold range of products suited to combat dryness / dehydration and pigmentation problems on the skin :


Facial steps to follow:-


1)      Morning Cleanse : Cosmetic Soap


Wet face and apply a few drops of foamy cleanser into the palm of your hands to freshen the skin and eliminate any night residue.  Avoid eyes, rinse.


2)      Evening Cleanse : Cosmetic Cream Cleanser


Wet face and cleanse with the Cosmetic Cream Cleanser (safe to take off any eye make up).

3)     Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acid Mature Toner


Slightly wet a piece of cotton wool and apply 5 drops of Fruit Acid Toner and apply from the neck upwards, onto face, around nose and up to around the bone of eye area.


4)     Fruit Acid Phyto Spray


Spray a light mist of hydrating Fruit Acid Phyto Spray to make sure skin is slightly damp – this will assist the next step in applying the moisturiser either day or night.


5)     Royal Bio Nutricell Pigment Regulating Day Face Lotion


Day moisturiser – Royal Bio Nutricell – shake bottle very well and puddle a few drops into the palm of your hand – smack hands lightly together and massage into the face and neck area.


6)     Pigment Controlling Complex Night Cream


Night moisturiser – Pigment Controlling Complex


7)     Eye Zone Tissue Oil / Plant Serum

Gaia Gold stand

Lightly spread around the eye area or apply a few drops to your night cream for an extra serum boost.