• November Newsy

      Gaia greetings everyone As we enter into the latter part of 2016 and here in SA the beginning of our Summer season, today we’d like to discuss the harmful effects of chemically based insect repellent. Mosquito Repellents – Chemical verses Natural Much has been written, studied and researched by many […]

    • October Newsy

      Dear Gaia subscribers, today we’d like to talk about the incredible benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. What is Hydrogen Peroxide? If any substance is interesting it has to be Hydrogen Peroxide. Simply put, hydrogen peroxide is a clear naturally occurring liquid compound comprising of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms […]

    • September Newsy

      The Key To Healthy Gut Flora The ancient belief that all health begins in the gut has sparked enough interest amongst mainstream medical researchers to seriously look into the intestinal flora’s true health effects beyond digestion. One of the main reasons a healthy diet is able to influence your health […]

    • August Newsletter

      Can A Skincare Product Truely Be 100% Organic ? This question is often gladly answered by many a manufacturer of “organic” skincare products and viewed as an opportunity to dispel the fears and myths pertaining to many an ingredient thought to be inorganic yet is actually truly “organic” in its raw unadulterated form, as found […]

    • Autumn Newsy

      Autumn Newsy Gaia greetings everyone and welcome to our Autumn newsy, for some of you abroad, welcome to Spring ! In this newsletter we focus on the concept of natural oil nutrition. Fighting Oils with Oils : Not all oils are equal Various studies have revealed that oils often eliminate […]

    • March Newsy

      Feb/March Newsletter Warm greetings to all Gaia subscribers. Today we are again touching on the subject of over acidity in the body and the importance of maintaining the balance of acid / alkaline states. Acidity and Cancer The small truths and how the two are linked? What is now common […]

    • January Newsletter 2016

      Gaia greetings to our subscribers ! Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016 and today we focus on the symptoms of Gout. Gout: The Definition If one were to define the condition ‘Gout’ it could perhaps be best and most simply described as a condition whereby, the body, due to […]