Dear Friends In light of the recent announcement made by Government, we will be adhering to the lock down rules. LAST ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED TOMORROW AND SENT WITH POSTNET OR TRIANGLE COURIERS (CAPE TOWN) AND COURIER IT (JHB/DBN). We trust that you will all keep healthy and safe during […]

    • Gaia Organics – The Power of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% FG

      Below is a testimonial from Newton who has shared his blog post with us.  Please click on his link below Hi Claudia Given the state of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I’d share this blogpost about my own battle with a lung disease: https://newtonfortuin.blogspot.com/2015/12/bronchiectasis-early-christmas-gift.html. I use […]

    • Gaia Organics 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

      35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Only 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is recommended for personal use. As a surface “germ fighter” and other external uses the list below gives us an idea of its capabilities. * Applied topically it can kill wound infections. * A mouthwash for the inhibition of […]

    • Gaia Organics Eco Sterilizing Spray 5 litres

      Packaging and the availability of spray pumps have become an problem so we’ve manufactured the ESS in 5 litres – decant into your own bottle. Note: The base is colloidal silver – there is no alcohol in this product so the sterilizing action will be derived from hydrogen dioxide, citric […]

    • Gaia Organics Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C powder 500g

      PURE SODIUM ASCORBATE – VITAMIN C POWDER Sodium Ascorbate is a pure buffered, soluble Vitamin C powder. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body therefore must be replenished daily to prevent oxidative cellular stress. Sodium helps to regulate the amount of water in the […]

    • Gaia Organics Eco-Sterilizing Spray 250ml

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    • Gaia Organics – Testimonial

      Dear Gaia Organics I already use your Face Wash, Day Cream and Toner. Wonderful! My skin loves it. Regards Leandre Jordaan

    • Hydrogen Peroxide – Anti-biotic alternative

      This product has changed my life, I have had very bad reactions to antibiotics and penicillin. Thank you so much!

    • March 2020 promotion – less 20% on all Gaia products

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    • Gaia Organics Vitamin C & B3 Serum – 100ml

      Vitamin C & B3 Serum This is our very latest new product release for 2019 which is in the form of a powerful collagen accelerator with the proven active ingredient, Vitamin B3. Of these ingredients the Niacin commonly known as Vitamin B is the main component and along with the […]