• Lovely review – thank you!

      Hello Claudia Thank you so much for my free gift of body lotion.  Just love it.  I am so grateful to you and your staff for this amazing company.  Great products, good service and always a joy to go onto your website.  Well done!  May you be blessed this Christmas […]

    • Gaia Organics Review Nov 21

      Hi Claudia, I have only been using Gaia for two weeks and discovered the range as a customer of Faithful to Nature. I decided to view the Gaia website and was so impressed by the ingredients used in the products. My impression was that this company is passionate about their […]

    • Gaia Organics New Video Clip

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    • Gaia Organics Helichrysum Essential oil, the start of something new

      Helichrysum Odoratissimum

    • Gaia Customer Review 21 Oct

      Hi Claudia and Team,   Thanks for your much-loved monthly newsletter!  I can honestly say it’s one I watch my mails for every month!   I first began using Gaia Organics a few years ago, when I happened to stumble across them in our Health Shop here in PE,  Natures […]

    • October Newsletter

      Web Version  |   Gaia News This month we’re putting the spotlight on the time-honoured craft of fermentation. In short, fermentation is the natural process during which a substance breaks down into a simpler substance. Micro-organisms like bacteria and yeast play a vital role in the fermentation process creating beer, wine, bread, […]

    • Why we love what we do! Gaia testimonial Oct 21

      Hi Claudia, I hope you are keeping well. Here is my Gaia Story that I would like to share with you… I’ve been using Gaia products for just over two years now, but I do wish I could have found these sooner. From the entire gold face care range to […]

    • Gaia Organics Testimonial

      Thank you so much for my products! The products were packaged exquisitely and everything was clean and dry and no leaks. This was a first for me, previous brands have leaked and arrived damaged- so your parcel was refreshing! I love the smell of all the products, even during chemo […]

    • Testimonial – Therapeutic Pain Relief Massage Oil

      Good mng Claudia. Re Therapeutic Pain Relief Massage Oil I would like to comment of the above product. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and what amazing difference it has made to my legs. The pain at night time is gone n this is the only product […]

    • Customer feedback Jan 21

      Many thanks Claudia. I don’t know why I never used your products before but loving them. Regards, Sherry Maree