• Amazing Products!

      Dear Gaia Organics Team I love the product – I actually love all my Gaia products!! I use everything. Thank you for such amazing service. Have a beautiful day. Kindest regards Rosemary

    • Gaia Organics praise for service & efficiency

      Hi Claudia, Thank you very much. I must commend you on your efficiency. This is becoming a rare business trait, and I much appreciate your attention and understanding.

    • Gaia Testimonial from Letitia

      Good morning Alan Thank you for your email. I’m extremely happy and from now on I will order directly from you. I use to buy the gaia products from faithful to nature however they dont have all the products and some out of stock. I absolutely love the gaia range […]

    • Gaia testimonial from Greg in Cape Town

      Hey Alan Hope you are well and great to hear from you @ Gaia Some quick feedback from myself. Service and delivery is great , and a treat to be buying on line . It’s become easier for me to organise my purchases online than it is to find the […]

    • Gaia Testimonial from Debbie in Pretoria

      Thank you for your email. I have to say that the deodorant I bought is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever had the pleasure of using and I will certainly be buying more. Your service was excellent too.

    • Gaia Testimonial from Jemma

      Dear Gaia Organics Crew Everything went very smoothly thank you! Delivery was fast and I love the product. Also experienced great email communication regarding the process. Thanks very much, Jemma

    • Another Satisfied Customer!

      Dear Gaia Organics Team Super happy! I have extremely dry skin and this is the first skin care product I have discovered that does not dry out my skin and also cleans it very well. I will be ordering again soon and cant wait to try some of your other […]

    • Helpful Assistance – It’s a part of us and we are always willing.

      Hi Claudia Thanks so much for all the information – great customer service which is so rare these days! I will go through the catalogue and then place an order. Kind regards Shelley

    • Gaia Organics AHA Toner – Customer Testimonial

        Dear Gaia I am a 53yr old female and struggled with an interactive thyroid, leaving my skin quite dehydrated. Last week I had a dry rash on my face and the owner of the health shop in George recommended your AHA toner for mature skin. What a wonderful product! […]

    • GAIA Newsy – August 2019

      Hello from a chilly Plett and welcome to our Winter August newsletter where we highlight the benefits, uses and advantages of Seaweed Kelp extracts in skin and hair care products. This “wonder weed” or “superfood” which thrives as an ocean growing plant, forms as large underwater forests with some plants […]