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    • Gaia Organics Eco Sterilizing Spray 5 litres

      Packaging and the availability of spray pumps have become an problem so we’ve manufactured the ESS in 5 litres – decant into your own bottle. Note: The base is colloidal silver – there is no alcohol in this product so the sterilizing action will be derived from hydrogen dioxide, citric […]

    • Gaia Organics Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C powder 500g

      PURE SODIUM ASCORBATE – VITAMIN C POWDER Sodium Ascorbate is a pure buffered, soluble Vitamin C powder. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body therefore must be replenished daily to prevent oxidative cellular stress. Sodium helps to regulate the amount of water in the […]

    • Gaia Organics Eco-Sterilizing Spray 250ml

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    • Gaia Organics – Testimonial

      Dear Gaia Organics I already use your Face Wash, Day Cream and Toner. Wonderful! My skin loves it. Regards Leandre Jordaan

    • Hydrogen Peroxide – Anti-biotic alternative

      This product has changed my life, I have had very bad reactions to antibiotics and penicillin. Thank you so much!

    • March 2020 promotion – less 20% on all Gaia products

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    • Gaia Organics Vitamin C & B3 Serum – 100ml

      Vitamin C & B3 Serum This is our very latest new product release for 2019 which is in the form of a powerful collagen accelerator with the proven active ingredient, Vitamin B3. Of these ingredients the Niacin commonly known as Vitamin B is the main component and along with the […]

    • Dear Claudia & Team, Wishing all of you beautiful people a sensational Christmas and New Year. Many, many thanks for all of your time, energy and patiece (with our orders from Australia!) – we really, really, really appreiate it. We have much gratitude to you all for creating the magnificent […]



    • Dear Gaia Organics Team I have been very happy with my Gaia purchases thus far, I took a risk and bought nearly a full regime of products, all in one go, to see how it would work and quite honestly I have had very good results. I have melasma even […]