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    • The Gaia Immunological Protocol

      ADVANCED INTERNAL HEALTH OPTIMISING PRODUCTS:  INTRODUCTION                   It is the clear philosophy, practical experience and conviction of the Director of the Gaia Research Institute, after 30+ years of virtually full-time holistic health research, that health cannot be found in a pill or potion of man-made nutritional supplements or medicines. Health […]

    • The benefits of Green Tea

      “Green tea contains vitamin C in amounts comparable to lemon, vitamins K and P (bioflavonoids) comparable to green vegetable and buckwheat rutin respectively and beta-Carotene comparable to carrots. In their capillary and blood vessel strengthening and anti-inflammatory roles, the polyphenols act synergistically with ascorbic acid and improve growth and resistance […]

    • The Importance Of De-Acidifying The Body Before Using The Hydrogen Peroxide

      Without alkalising first, hydrogen peroxide will do little more than make you nauseous and possibly headachy as it interacts with the waste in your colon. Oxygen needs a pH neutral or an alkaline medium to effectively dissolve. Hydrogen peroxide on its own, without pH correction will actually acidify you. If […]