The Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is not a fungus but a jellyfish-like zoogleal mat (a near-lichen), a symbiosis of beneficent non-toxic nutritional yeasts and bacterium. Kombucha, which for two millennia enjoyed great popularity in the Far East and for a century in Eastern Europe for its tasty and refreshing tonic beverage, fell into relative oblivion during World War II due to economic circumstances, as the tea and sugar so essential to its activity and preservation became unavailable. Kombucha is however experiencing a phenomenal resurgence of popularity as a healthful tonic beverage (the pasteurized commercial bottled brew is useless, since the living component has been destroyed). Being comprised of fission (split) yeasts it does not contain the yeast spores from which so many suffer. Due to improved colon ecology, it actually helps rather than aggravates the battle against candidiasis. It has been widely reported that especially with elderly people, Kombucha beverage has rejuvenating effects, causing hair to colour again, as well as having the effect of tightening the skin and enhancing the overall feeling of health and vitality.