• GAIA Newsy – August 2023 – GAIA turns 30!!

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    • GAIA Newsy – August 2019

      Hello from a chilly Plett and welcome to our Winter August newsletter where we highlight the benefits, uses and advantages of Seaweed Kelp extracts in skin and hair care products. This “wonder weed” or “superfood” which thrives as an ocean growing plant, forms as large underwater forests with some plants […]

    • GAIA News Flash – June 2019

      On a recent trip to Cape Town it seemed weird that when I explained to the sales and advisory staff at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof street as to how long we have been around it seemed hard to believe.

    • Gaia December Greetings

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    • November 2017 Newsy

      Gaia greetings and welcome to our penultimate newsletter for 2017 !

    • Gaia Greetings Everyone

      Today we highlight the 20% fruit acid concentrate The sloughing of dead cells particularly after the cold Winter months are necessary for skin revival. This our September newsletter features and highlights the fruit acids and the effects of these fruit acids, used in our Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners, on […]

    • August 2017 Newsy

      Gaia greetings everyone Greetings to all our faithful Gaia Organics clients far and wide. In this our August newsletter we are proud to introduce you to four new products to our evergrowing product range, as well as an exciting announcement relating to our status as an organic manufacturer of skin […]

    • July Newsy

      Thank you to all who were concerned for our safety during the recent devastating fires that ripped through the garden route, specifically the towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. Your emails and calls were much appreciated and luckily we were unharmed. Our thoughts go out to many people who lost everything from homes to livelihoods, displaced and injured animals and to a volunteer 24 year old fire fighter who lost his life.

    • June Newsy

      Greetings everyone ! Today we’re discussing the use of probiotics in skincare products and are very excitied to announce a new product in the Gaia range using the very forefront in many a modern skincare formulation.

    • April Newsy

      Gaia greetings everyone A little late is this April newsy, but today we focus on the powerful benefits of BARLEY GRASS not only as a facial masque but internally as part of your health regime. The ‘Green Superfood’ for your face Since barley grass is exeptionally high in nutrients, it […]