• Gaia Organics Helichrysum Essential oil, the start of something new

      Helichrysum Odoratissimum

    • Gaia Customer Review 21 Oct

      Hi Claudia and Team,   Thanks for your much-loved monthly newsletter!  I can honestly say it’s one I watch my mails for every month!   I first began using Gaia Organics a few years ago, when I happened to stumble across them in our Health Shop here in PE,  Natures […]

    • October Newsletter

      Web Version  |   Gaia News This month we’re putting the spotlight on the time-honoured craft of fermentation. In short, fermentation is the natural process during which a substance breaks down into a simpler substance. Micro-organisms like bacteria and yeast play a vital role in the fermentation process creating beer, wine, bread, […]

    • Why we love what we do! Gaia testimonial Oct 21

      Hi Claudia, I hope you are keeping well. Here is my Gaia Story that I would like to share with you… I’ve been using Gaia products for just over two years now, but I do wish I could have found these sooner. From the entire gold face care range to […]

    • New Testimonial

      Thank you again for your ever-amazing products. Your products are head and shoulders above anything else out there. Love them. Kind regards Jack

    • Customer Feedback

      Thanks so much for my samples and free gift! Loving trying more of the range. Came across your product from my cousin Catherine Farrant, can’t believe I’ve never heard of you before! I used to always shop  at Wellness warehouse kloof street. Anyway, really enjoying your product so far and […]

    • Gaia Organics Testimonial

      Thank you so much for my products! The products were packaged exquisitely and everything was clean and dry and no leaks. This was a first for me, previous brands have leaked and arrived damaged- so your parcel was refreshing! I love the smell of all the products, even during chemo […]

    • Testimonial – Therapeutic Pain Relief Massage Oil

      Good mng Claudia. Re Therapeutic Pain Relief Massage Oil I would like to comment of the above product. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and what amazing difference it has made to my legs. The pain at night time is gone n this is the only product […]

    • Customer feedback Jan 21

      Many thanks Claudia. I don’t know why I never used your products before but loving them. Regards, Sherry Maree

    • Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade Upper Respiratory : by Newton Fortuin

      Hydrogen Peroxide: an oxygen liberating experience If you are interested in this topic, there is a wealth of information in a blog written by Newton Fortuin from Cape Town.  He wrote to me regarding his research and own personal experience with hydrogen peroxide and is well worth reading. A few […]