August Newsletter

Can A Skincare Product Truely Be 100% Organic ?

100 perc organic

This question is often gladly answered by many a manufacturer of “organic” skincare products and viewed as an opportunity to dispel the fears and myths pertaining to many an ingredient thought to be inorganic yet is actually truly “organic” in its raw unadulterated form, as found in nature.

The term “organic” and “chemical free” are words often so loosely used by marketing stratergists that they have in many ways been abused in the hope that the fear created will lead to heightened sales of their “organic” “chemical free” products.

“Organic”…the definition of the word:

organic what it means

The usual rationale and false misconception is that a substance with a scientific name is a “synthetic chemical” and that all chemicals are dangerous whereas “natural substances” are safe.

However, it is common knowledge that some of the most potent and harmful poisons known to science are in fact botanical, animal, mineral or metallic not to mention gasses, as found in nature and without any chemical manipulation whatsoever.

To many a layperson the word “organic” means “natural” whereas to persons with knowledge of chemistry “organic” means “carbon based” or “carbon containing”. Often the laypersons definition is “any produce grown, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, in soil made rich by composting”. Cottonseed oil, extracted from the actual cottonseed, grown “organically” and without pesticides or fertilizers, does not at all make it safe to ingest or apply to your skin. Cottonseed oil even if extracted from organically grown plants still contains gossypol which is a toxin that causes pathological changes in human testes and sterility and a promoter of carcinogenesis. Gossypol is what protects the cotton plant from pests.

“Chemicals”… and the use of them in skincare products:

Unfortunately many also believe that all “chemicals” are something to be feared when in fact there are many “human friendly chemicals” with facinating healing properties that are extremely safe and are presently being used by many “organic” skincare manufacturers world-wide.

It is often said that if you are truly buying a chemical- free product then you are effectively buying a vacuum in a jar. Of course harmful chemicals or fruit oils easily prone to rancidity and the resultant toxic end product is definitely harmful to one’s skin and overall health. Trying to defy science and nature with organic “chemical free” formulations is a fruitless and almost impossible task.

The choices that are made by the companies producing health care products obviously directly affects the choices made by the user and therefore it is critical for organic companies like ourselves that the least harmful and most organic ingredient choices are made especially with the modern day organic drive for natural, organic, earth and animal friendly products.

Gaia’s Ingredient Selection Protocol:


At Gaia Organics we firmly believe that it is definitely in our interest as a manufacturer of natural / organic products and in the interest of our clients using our products, that we only source and utilise the most “organic and chemical free” ingredients available to us. We are continuelly accessing and improving on our product formulations in the quest and challenge, leaving no stone unturned, to produce the most natural, organic & environmently friendly product possible and one that is capable of enhancing the skin and overall well-being strictly without the use of harmful chemicals and oils prone to rancidity as well as the most health optimising supplements at our disposal.

health quote thoughtHealth Quote:

“The dose makes the poison” is an adage intended to indicate a basic principle of toxicity. It is credited to Paracelsus who expressed the classic toxicology maxim “All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” It means that a substance can produce the harmful effect associated with its toxic properties only if it reaches a susceptible biological system within the body in a high enough concentration.

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With many blessings, Claudia Wanting ~ Director