August 2017 Newsy

Gaia greetings everyone

Gaia greetings everyone

Greetings to all our faithful Gaia Organics clients far and wide.

In this our August newsletter we are proud to introduce you to four new products to our evergrowing product range, as well as an exciting announcement relating to our status as an organic manufacturer of skin and health care products.

** Beauty Without Cruelty endorsement **

Beauty Without Cruelty endorsement

We are completely over the moon to announce our recent accreditation and Beauty Without Cruelty endorsement !

We have gone to great lengths over the past few months in our quest to be accredited as a Beauty Without Cruelty concern. This has been a lengthy but highly satisfying accomplishment and a very significant achievement considering the number of ingredients utilised in our product range.

Every single ingredient has been scrutinised and ensured by ourselves and the BWC organisation that not one of our products or ingredients has ever been tested on animals. The fact that we do not use any animal derivitives in our products either has also qualified us to also be accredited as a vegetarian and vegan concern.

We can finally add that we are now officially a BWC aligned company as well with all the documentation in place to prove this accomplishment.

New Release : The Gaia Baby Range

There has always been room for a baby range of minimilistic proportion as we still believe that between the ages of 0- 9months, babies immune system is in a fragile developemental stage and should not be too compromised with lotions and potions, therefore we have brought in a few key products to target specific areas.

Royal Bio Oil stretch mark prevention

Royal Bio Oil stretch mark prevention

This great new product is an effective organic Kalahari Melon seed oil based combination designed to prevent and combat stretch marks to be used before, during and after pregnancy.

The use of the “skin elasticising” organic Kalahari Melon Seed oil, cold-pressed Jojoba oil forms the basis of this product together with additions of Vitamin E and Calendula Oil.

This will ensure that the skin remains supple and in doing so will assist in the slow stretching process that occurs during pregnancy without the noticeable and some unsightly stretch marks that are the result of the skin not having sufficient elasticity.

Baby Barrier Cream

Baby Barrier Cream

Our second brand new product that we are presenting this month is the soothing comfrey allantoin infused Gaia Organics Baby Barrier Cream.

This baby safe product contains a specially formulated zinc oxide base mineral which forms a protective barrier that assists in the prevention and treatment of nappy rash.

It also contains Calendula oil as Chamomile and Lavender essential oil.

Moisturising Baby Wash

Moisturising Baby Wash

Our third product release, is in the form of a gentle Moisturising Baby wash designed to gently cleanse without leaving babies skin stripped of all its oils as with many conventional cleansers.

It is a simple, non-irritant coconut cream based cleanser, Kalahari Melon Seed infused, with the addition of Calendula Oil as well as the inclusion of the essential oils of organically sourced Lavender and Rose Geranium. Due to it being such a gentle cream it is perfectly safe to be used on a daily basis.

Happy Nappy Baby Powder

Happy Nappy Baby Powder

This improved formulation is a gentle and highly effective nappy powder containing micro-kaolin, corn starch dust, soothing comfrey allantoin, aloe powder with essential oils of organically sourced Lavender, Tea Tree and German Chamomile.

In the past we have also had positive feedback regarding the nappy powder being used on weeping skin conditions such as chicken pox and /or measles or where the skin is itchy and blistered. You might find to dust arms, legs and torso with the nappy powder helpful if this condition arises.

August Promotion

August Promotion

Orders R500 + will be sent delivery free which means either by post (outlying area), or postnet or courier.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS : Please email as currently the shopping basket site for international freight is under construction.

August is Women’s month and because we’re such yummy creatures, our promotion will include a free AHA fruit acid toner AND a 250ml body lotion !

In closing …

In closing ...

“By three methods we may learn wisdom. First by reflection which is noblest, second by immitation which is easiest and third by experience which is the bitterest.” – Anon

Have a blessed month of August and thank you everyone.

Warm regards, Claudia