Fluorosis & Toothpowder

April / May Newsletter

Warm greetings to all our Gaia subscribers. Today we are discussing the issue of fluoride and the subsequent dental condition related to over consumption.

Fluoride and Dental Fluorosis

Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that most commonly affects the teeth. It is simply caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first 8 years of ones life.
Fluorosis first attracted attention in the early 20th century when researchers were alrmed and surprised by the high prevalence of what was called “Colorado Brown Stain” on the teeth of native-born residents of Colorado Springs. The stains were caused by high levels of fluoride in the local water supply.
People with these stains strangely enough also had an unusually high resistance to dental cavities and this sparked a movement to introduce fluoride into the public water supplies at a level that could prevent cavities but without causing fluorosis.
However these levels are not always actively adhered to and that is when things go wrong.

Fluoride Infused Water:

Even though fluoride occurs naturally in water it is common knowledge that most public drinking water, supplied by the water purification plants that feed our cities world-wide contain varying levels of fluoride.
Fluoride however is not only found in our drinking water but also in toothpaste, mouth rinses, dental tooth polishes as well as in many foods. The levels of Fluoride in these products as well as in the water have been a contentious issue between lobbyists, natural health practitioners ,as well as spiritually minded people as to the validity of exposing our bodies to the effects of fluoride, the levels and studies to justify it’s continued use.
Exposure to high levels of fluoride is a health risk. In fact in Jan 2011 the Health and Human Services Dept. lowered its levels amid concerns that children were being exposed to excessive levels of fluoride resulting in an increasing number of child fluorosis cases.

Symptoms of Fluorosis

Symptoms of Fluorosis range from tiny white specks or streaks that may be unnoticeable to dark stains and rough, pitted enamel that is difficult to clean.
It is the hypomineralization in the enamel due to increased ingestion of fluoride during early childhood.

Gaia Organics Tooth Powder

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This very mild enamel polishing and whitening tooth powder was one of the first products that was formulated at Gaia and has over the years recieved and continues to be a front-runner in the fight against tooth decay and the maintenance of dental hygiene.

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