Gaia Organics Innovative & Evolving

Gaia Organics – Synergy between Science and Nature

Gaia Organics’ products are based on the rich antioxidant and natural anti-aging properties of Organic Green Tea and wild Kelp (Seaweed) from our cold Atlantic waters along the West Coast of South Africa.
Scientifically formulated, high in vitamins and cold-pressed oils, as well as healing herbs and plants, the company continues to evolve as we discover new ingredients, many of which are in the process of being grown on our farm in the Crags.

Formulations include:

  • Probiotics – lactobacillus, a non-animal-based Probiotics
  • Jojoba oil – rich in fatty acids essential for skin hydration and suppleness
  • Kigelia extract (Sausage tree) – multi-functional with anti-bacterial, collagen strengthening properties
  • African Potato – healing
  • Kalahari Melon seed oil for high fatty acid & hydrating content
  • Vitamin C, B2, B6 & B3 – antioxidants
  • No animal testing or animal extracts – accredited and endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty association
  • Vegan & Vegetarian compliant
  • Pure Essential oils are used for their healing & vibrational properties
  • An asterisk * implies that these ingredients have been organically sourced
  • High in Hyaluronic acid, a superb anti-aging ingredient (normally extracted from the placenta of an animal) but in the Gaia range derived from the Kombucha mushroom loaded with nucleic proteins)
  • Gaia Organics pioneered the anti-aging properties of Fruit Acid Toners, for a mild and non-irritating natural exfoliation without stripping the skin
  • Leaders in the health industry with Oxygen therapies such as Magnesium and Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food-Grade