What Makes Our Products Unique

Gaia Organics’ products are based on the rich anti-oxidant and natural anti-aging properties of Organic Green Tea and wild Kelp from our cold Atlantic waters along the West Coast of South Africa.

Our findings in age-reversing pioneered an industry, combining Organic Green Tea with Fruit Acids in our AHA toners, Colloidal Silver and Hyaluronic Acid, nucleic proteins for optimum cell-regeneration. Hyaluronic Acid used in Gaia Organics is not derived from animal placenta as practiced by many, but from plant-based Kombucha mushroom.

Gaia Organics’ success with natural age-reversing and cell-regeneration inspired further research in the field. It is with excitement and confidence that we share the reinvented formulas with you, reaping the benefits of:

  • Probiotics – lactobacillus, a non-animal-based probiotic
  • Kalahari melon seed oil – rich in fatty acids essential for skin hydration and suppleness
  • Kigelia extract (Sausage tree) – multi-functional with cancer fighting, anti-bacterial, collagen strengthening properties
  • Plant based skin care
  • Naturally preserved
  • Not tested on animals
  • Beauty without Cruelty endorsed
  • Vegan & Vegetarian accredited

From an ethical point of view, we also wish to share Gaia Organics’ policy on product formula and rancidity.

We strictly limit the use of nut oils to avoid oxidation but prefer instead to use the multi-nutritive oil of Jojoba.

Gaia Organics’ legacy of research and reinvention will continue to promote our love of Earth, People & Animals as we further explore the incredible natural world.

  • First principle: do no harm to humans, animals & the earth
  • No animal testing or animal extracts – accredited and endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty association.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian compliant
  • Naturally preserved via anti-bacterial use of Colloidal silver
  • Organic Jojoba & Kalahari Melon seed oil base
  • No synthetic fragrances – but instead the use of pure essential oils
  • Where you see an asterisk * it implies that these ingredients have been organically sourced
  • High in Hyaluronic acid (normally extracted from animal placenta but in the Gaia range derived from the Kombucha mushroom)
  • Product formulation self-pioneered with the use of Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids toners, gentle on the skin but not stripping the natural sebum layer and assisting with reconstruction of cellular matrix
  • Rich in Organic Kalahari Melon seed oil and Jojoba. Other plant and nut oils are prone to oxidation and rancidity, the cause of premature aging
  • Pioneered the anti-ageing use of Fruit Acids, Organic Green Tea, Colloidal silver and Kombucha – a unique source of bio-active cell-regenerative substances otherwise only cruelly animal kingdom sourced.
  • Organic Green Tea & Kelp based skincare products
  • 25 year formulation base in the health and skincare industry
  • Authentically handcrafted and produced (small batches)
  • Leaders in the health industry with Oxygen therapies via Magnesium and Hydrogen Peroxide