Origins Story

Stuart Thomson was the founder and principal researcher at the Gaia Research Institute in 1990.  Along with his wife Lettie Thomson, their personal care business – Gaia Organics – the proceeds of which funded the independent non-profit activities of the Institute.

Claudia Wantling (Lettie’s daughter), took over the company in 2011 after the Thomson’s retirement.

Claudia and her small team now consult, manufacture and distribute GAIA ORGANICS products worldwide.

It is important to remember, we are not only what we eat and think, but also what we wear and otherwise put into contact with our bodies.

Environmental influences and especially personal care products, may be as crucial as what we ingest, since sublingual and dermaly absorbed substances are at a disadvantage, in that they are not monitored and oxidatively regulated by the liver, as in the case of intestinally absorbed substances, and hence Gaia’s focus on benign, yet effective natural formulated personal care products.