Dear Gaia Organics Team

I have been very happy with my Gaia purchases thus far, I took a risk and bought nearly a full regime of products, all in one go, to see how it would work and quite honestly I have had very good results. I have melasma even though never having been pregnant or on the pill which can be very disheartening and I reached a point where I was either covering my face up with a lot of makeup or avoiding being seen as much as possible. So after doing a lot of research about the products I need to assist in the management of melasma (which is near impossible to manage without really harsh face peels that cost upwards of 15k) I found that your products had a lot of what I needed in them in natural form (always a preference to me) and within my price range (phew!). So I took a giant leap of faith and have definitely seen some improvement over the 2 months I have been using Gaia. This coupled with a vitamin D supplement and full spectrum sunscreen has made the world of difference to my confidence. I still have patches but the edges have softened, the area has gotten slightly smaller and they have definitely lightened! So from the ease of purchase to the speed of delivery to the quality of all the products I am very happy and will continue to use Gaia 🙂


Hope you have a lovely weekend!