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Spring Greetings to you all !
At last, the first signs of Spring in SA, a wonderful time of year for rejuvenation.

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Juicing should form part of our daily lives for healthy nutirition. Raw is best and I know, the downside of this exercise is … “cleaning the juicer”, but really folks when you look at the fantastic benefits of a fresh vegetable juice, we shouldn’t think anything else but an enzyme blast of health. So, get your spinach, carrots, beets, celery, kale and START JUICING.


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These two products work by enhancing incredible healing production of any dry and flaking skin lesions whilst providing protective sun protection against all serious skin cancers. The Spf is +- 15 and is used as a daily moisturiser on the face.
Due to the superb healing effects of cold pressed oils of Jojoba, Vit A+E, Evening Primrose and Sesame oil, of which the latter is an excellent source of UVA refraction, UVA damage being the cause of more serious skin cancers. Used daily and applied directly over the face, the best application is to massage into the skin creating a flow and stimulating the capillaries.

There are many postitive testimonials of people (both men and women) who have had surgery or lesions removed due to fear of skin cancer caused by most commonly, solar keratosis – over exposure to the sun in our youth. Gents seem to prefer the Green regular Bio Nutricell as the smell isn’t as flowery as with the Royal Bio Nutricell (rose perlargonium signature tune, thicker and richer in consistency).
We also refer to this as our Pigmentation lotion, but for this application the AHA Fruit Acid mature toner must be used in collaboration with the RBN and brown marks will begin to fade.

Johannesburg visit

I embarked on a sales / marketing trip to see our Jhb / Pretoria stores who stock Gaia and am very pleased to announce that we have some new outlets who will now be stocking the skin care products so drum roll for …. Neal’s Yard in Fourways; One Life in Hennopspark; Natural Life in Brooklyn Mall.

May you all have a blessed month of September, keep rocking the daisies….

Warm regards