April Newsy

Gaia greetings everyone A little late is this April newsy, but today we focus on the powerful benefits of BARLEY GRASS not only as a facial masque but internally as part of your health regime. The ‘Green Superfood’ for your face Since barley grass is exeptionally high in nutrients, it

Organic and non irradiated Barley Grass powder

We welcome a new Superfood to our line being Barley Grass powder. Barley grass is high in nutrients and vitamins, will boost the immune system so give yourself a great start before winter. Find it on the site, it’s a free give-away for the month of April with every order

Gaia Organics Teenage Testimonial


Good Day Claudia, I am sending this email under instruction from my daughter Chloe: Her message “Mommy please could you email the lovely lady that you bought the products from and tell her that the products you bought for me are super amazing my skin is looking so so much

March Newsy

Gaia greetings to all subscribers Exciting news ~~~ we’d like to introduce our new health spice so today our newsletter topic is based on the benefits of Turmeric along with Black Pepper. Turmeric Root The richly coloured orange Turmeric plant is a rhizomateous, herbaceous, perrennial plant of the ginger family

New product * Tumeric & Black Pepper spice *

Black P and T

Non-irriadiated Tumeric & Black Pepper spice is our new nutritional blend to add to your daily regime mixed in a coconut milk drink or in a smoothie.  Best taken with a fat soluble meal to optimum health purposes. This spice is in a glass container @ R75.00 for 60g.

February Newsy

Gaia greetings to you all Hello everyone and welcome to our first newsletter of 2017. To those back in SA over the summer season, it was wonderful to see you again as well as a few familiar faces in Sedgefield who I had the pleasure of chatting to again, thank

Gaia Organics – positive feedback Jan 2017

Hi Claudia I am not sure if I have mentioned that the scaly patch on my nose for which you recommended the Fruit Acid 20% Concentrate and Cell Regenerating cream, has completely healed and all I am left with is a slightly pink spot which is fading with time. For

Gaia greetings and welcome back everyone !

We’d like to say ‘Hi’ and thanks to everyone for their support last year.   Look forward to seeing you all again soon, we’re back in action with many exciting things lined up for this coming year, we’ll keep you posted.  Much love Claudia & crew