What makes Gaia Products unique?

  • First principle: Do no harm to Humans, Animals & Earth
  • No animal testing or animal extracts – accredited and endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty association
  • Naturally preserved via anti-bacterial use of Colloidal silver
  • Organic Jojoba & Kalahari Melon seed oil – no synthetic fragrance
  • Where you see an asterisk * it implies that these ingredients have been organically sourced
  • High in Hyaluronic acid (normally extracted from animal placenta but in the Gaia range derived from the Kombucha mushroom)
  • Product formulation based on ‘the free radical theory of aging’, initially self-pioneered by us as a frontier science in this field, with the use of Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids, gentle on the skin but not stripping the natural sebum layer as with Glycolic acids
  • Limited use of plant oils to avoid oxidation and rancidity, the cause of premature aging, actually accelerated by most such products and especially so-called ‘natural’ ones. Oils that are prone to rancidity on the skin (Avocado is a good example) will trigger an immune response & cause mayhem in the body and on the skin
  • Pioneered the anti-ageing use of Fruit Acids, Organic Green Tea, Colloidal silver and Kombucha use in personal care products, the latter, a unique source of bio-active cell-regenerative substances otherwise only cruelly animal kingdom sourced.
  • Organic Green Tea & Kelp based skincare

We have lead, others followed