Welcome to Gaia Organics

PosterGaia Research trading under the brand name of Gaia Organics was founded by principle researcher and formulator Stuart Thomson in 1990, 26 years ago. Their journey began with the education and manufacture of natural skin and health products.

Since the Thomson’s retirement in 2011, Claudia Wantling has taken the company to new heights not only manufacturing and supplying local health shops, wellness centres, beauty salons and health pharmacies across South Africa, but also manufacturing according to EU natural and organic standards to 4 independent distributors abroad.

The Gaia skin care range is carefully formulated to incorporate leading edge ingredients such as Kombucha extract, Organically grown Green Tea extract and the use of limited plant oils to prevent rancidity.  Our natural Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acid toners provide a natural anti-ageing formula.  The Gaia range is suitable for all skin types but focusing predominantly on dry and damaged skins with their revolutionary Royal Bio Nutricell (Gold) formulation assisting with skin cancer and pigmentation problems.

Gaia Organics is situated in the Garden Route area @ Piesang Valley road, Plettenberg Bay,  South Africa Tel 044 533 1393 or 082 467 0799.  Visit their beauty salon “B Beautiful” to experience a Gaia Organics facial 044 533 0133.

What Makes Gaia Organics Personal Care Products Unique?

  • First principle: Do no harm to humans, animals and the earth
  • Naturally preserved to prevent rancidity
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • High hyaluronic acid derived from Kombucha Mushroom and Vitamin C
  • Where you see * it denotes certain ingredients are organically sourced
    (Jojoba Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Green Tea extract*, Kelp*, Lavender*, Rose Geranium*,
    Coconut Oil*, Comfrey Allanton*, Kombucha extract*)
  • Pioneered fruit acids, green tea, colloidal silver, and kombucha extract use in personal care products, the latter, a unique source of bio-active cell regenerative ingredient substances otherwise only cruelly animal kingdom sourced (animal placenta)
  • A 30+ year natural product research knowledge base and 15+ year formulations and
    consumer feedback experience base
  • Nature’s finest ingredients, enhanced by rigorous modern chemistry, including selective
    natural ingredients, without which no skin care product can be truly safe in use
  • Strictly limited use of plant oils to avoid oxidation, the cause of premature aging, actually
    accelerated by most such products and especially crude, so-called “natural” oils
  • Genuine fruit acid complexes pioneered by Gaia Research were introduced way ahead of
    all competitors and whilst others reduced concentrations due to irritation, Gaia’s
    products, tamed by green tea and uniquely formulated as toners, remain non-irritatiing
    and the most potent, safest and efficacious visible age reversing AHA products available